National Taleem Syllabus 2009-10

This syllabus is to be used in conjunction with the Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Ta’leem workbook.

This document outlines a modular learning format that should be followed by all Khuddam and Qiadats throughout the year. It is our hope and prayer that these guidelines will benefit all those who follow the guidelines in this syllabus. I therefore strongly urge all Qaideen and Khuddam to follow the modular learning format outlined in this document.

May Allah enable all of us to increase our knowledge to attain His love and become righteous. Ameen!

Kalim A Tahir

Mohtamim Ta’leem
Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK

September 2009


Syllabus 2009-2010