The Department of Amoor-e-Tuluba focuses on many internal and external educational awards, which it hands out to deserving students.

Internal Awards
The Department of Amoor-e-Tuluba gathers data regarding exceptional educational achievements and forwards them to the Ta'leem Department of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for consideration in the Jalsa Salana UK Awards. The selected candidates receive their awards from Huzoor Aqdas (atba) at Jalsa Salana.

The proposal to give awards for high achievements in education at the National Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK Ijtema is also under consideration. If you think you deserve an award or if you’ve done exceptionally well at GCSE, A Level (college standard), University or degree level, then let us know and if the grades are sufficient enough you can be awarded for this.

External Awards
The Department of Amoor-e-Tuluba also presents three external awards at three prestigious UK Universities eeach year.  The awards are as follows:

* Sir Zafrullah Khan Award at Kings College London. Given to top Law graduate of the Law School. (Prize £1000)

* Dr Abdus Salam Award at Cambridge University. Given at Cavendish Laboratories for Physics. (Prize £500)

* Dr Abdus Salam Award at Imperial College London. Given to candidate who has excelled in Physics. (Prize £500).

 These awards are given to exceptional students for that year in their respective Universities.

For more information please contact Adeel Shah (Khuddam Office Baitul Futuh - 181 London Road, Morden) or email at