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It is the role of the Isha’at (Publications) department to inform Khuddam about the aims of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK and to inform them about events both past and future.  Isha'at are also responsible for highlighting achievements of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK to the public.

One media method used by the UK Isha’at department to meet these objectives is the Websites that are launched in the UK.  For example, and always tries to convey the latest news and articles for all to read.  The updating, amending and general up keep is, by the grace of God, all done by the team.  This is coupled with electronic newsletters [eGazettes] and Emailing facilities.  Another method utilised is one of Print Publications like magazines, newsletters, mail shots and posters.  Examples of these are our Tariq Magazines for Khuddam and the Tahir Magazine for Atfal as well as Tariq News [a free printed newsletter distributed to all UK Khuddam].  In addition we also are responsible for printing any other publications of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK, such as the Lae Hae Aml and Yearly Reports for Majlis Shura.  All our designers are always keen yet the demand is increasing every day.  The searching of and securing usable printer companies so MKA UK's printing can be done at a competitive rate while not sacrificing quality.  Hence the general marketing of the Majalis is driven by Isha'at which also includes event reports and other details submitted so they can be published in the Ahmadiyya Bulletin and broadcasted on MTA News.

The Sultan Al Qalam function is also managed by the Isha’at team.  It was founded in 2005 in response to the directives of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (atba) to form a body of Khuddam to respond to allegations against Islam and its Noble Prophet (saw).  The team includes Khuddam who scan the national, regional and local press to find allegations against Islam that need to be addressed.  All Khuddam in the UK who have registered their interest (by emailing are made aware and encouraged to respond in order to portray the true and peace loving message of Islam.

We also develop and then launch Virals that are then used on the internet.  The Virals range from Khilafat to promoting other departments to publicising events that have taken place or will take place.  Being a new area but a demanding and necessary one the Virals team are constantly seeking out talent within the UK

As part of Isha'at's remit all Photography for the Majlis is done.  All events are covered while digitising and archiving all photos taken.  These are used for the Website and for all other print publications.  With the blessed Khilafat Centenary Year we also ran a program of securing all archived photos taken many years ago.  We are also attempting to refine and learn more skills in refining photos digitally. 

The Exhibitions are an area we are trying to further improve on this year.  Stands at events such as the National Ijtemas, local authority events and Peace Conferences are just a few that are covered.  We utilise our collection of photographs and display to audiences the theme prescribed.  We are constantly renewing material so variety is always shown so maximum enjoyment can be had. 

We are also commencing a Photography Club that will specialise in promoting 'photography'.  Members will be able to launch their selection of photography that they might have taken.  These could be of landscapes, flowers, objects and even cars. 

All Audio and Video are also covered with a keen emphasis in training individuals at key skills that will enable them to setup audio and video facilities.  With a keen push towards the internet - video facilities are increasingly getting greater and the Virals Team work very closely with the A&V department.

Proofing and Programmes is another area that Isha'at, this year, are keen in promoting and utilising.  We aim to produce good quality programmes that can be viewed on MTA.  In hand with this a group of talent individuals exist that are now being trained in proofing material.  Literacy has always been important hence this push is now cemented within the Isha'at plans.