Photography Club (PC)

We all get inspired by photographs. In the modern era photographs play a massive role in our daily lives. Marketing campaigns everywhere are full of images.  A picture is worth a thousand words is a proverb meaning that complex stories can be described with just a single still image, or that an image may be more influential than a substantial amount of text.

This year Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya are starting up its own Photography Club (PC).


The major scope of this photography club (pc) is to provide a platform for Ahmadi photographers from novice to semi pros and professional photographers.  To bring together groups of photographers interested in sharing techniques, skills, knowledge and friendship among other members.



1. Register Your Interest:
MKA’s new pc website will, inshallah, be launching soon.  So please interested khuddam can register online. 

2. The pc website will be a forum to showcase members work:
Members will be encouraged to send us their photographs for the showcase website.  We will welcome both digital and printed format pictures.  We can scan and upload those pictures.

3. Provide Practical and Useful Tips:
We will soon be launching pages that will also include tips and tricks for all levels.

4. Hold Competitions:
We would like to hold competition where photographers of different level of experience can take part.

 So Get Your Cameras Ready!!



In the end we would like to request all for payers for the new pc and if you or you know someone please register your interest.