About Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam

“Now it is the Jihad with the Pen that has to be waged…it is with the Pen that Islam is being attacked. That is why it is necessary that the Pen should be used to rebut the attacks.” (The Promised Messiah AS, Malfoozat Vol. 8, pg. 20)


Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam MKA UK is a group founded in response to the directives of Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih Al-Khamis (ATBA) to form a body of Khuddam to respond to allegations against Islam and its noble Prophet (PBUH). This group functions under the guidance and supervision of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Sultan Al-Qalam was a title given by Allah to the promised Messiah (as) and means ‘King of the Pen’.

What does it involve?

All members receive a twice-weekly email newsletter entitled “Interesting Reads,” which is a compilation of all the latest online news items or web pages captured up by our Alerts Monitoring team that can be defined as interesting related to Islam within current affairs in general and Ahmadiyyat in particular. These are simply ‘Interesting Reads’ and no other action is required. If you come across your own article which you think should be sent to the rest of the membership, please feel free to suggest it to us.

Whenever the need arises however, the Sultan Al-Qalam team will draw the memberships’ attention to a particular article, which requires a response in order to defend Islam/Ahmadiyyat, commend someone else on their views or simply contribute to a public debate where the true spirit of Islam can be demonstrated and where public awareness of our Jamaat, and its message can be maximised.

Once you have drafted your response, simply send it to the Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam team for approval, on receiving authorisation from the team, members are then free to send their response to the newspaper editor or writer of the article you are responding to.


All members must follow the guidelines mailed out at initiation together with any updates mailed out at any time. Any communication from Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam MKA UK should be treated with strict confidence and should only be communicated back to Majlis Ansar Sultanul QalamMKA UK or appropriate UK print media, once approved. Members, who have not received the introductory letter and guidelines from Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK, should not participate in this initiative. New members wanting to contribute must first seek approval from Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Approved members of this body or their Regional Qaideen can propose names. Members should ensure that their junk/Spam filters do not restrict communication from Please do not return emails to the latter email address.

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