Islam Incubates Terrorism

In repsonse to the article:

Dear Editor,

I would like to disagree with Mr Mark Steyn on his article because the Quran teaches of peace and security which is based on the fundamental adherence to taqwa (fear of God) and the repetitive commandment to adopt taqwa in the Qur'an is with such profusion that it could never be expected of a Muslim that he/she would create disorder. Whether on an individual or communal level, it simply does not behove a Muslim to shatter peace. In the early days of Islam no war was fought how dire the consequences would have been. The fighting that took place was only to bring about peace and security  for  a means of defence, as retaliation, i.e. life for life or to maintain freedom. Islam is a peaceful religion as personified by the Ahmadiyya movement of Islam whose slogan is " Love for all Hate for none"

Your faithfully

Mahmood Ahmad