Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam Membership

Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam Membership

How do I join?

Joining the MKA SuQ team could not be simpler. Just enter your details into the web form below and click Submit! You will then receive regular updates and alerts on how you can contribute towards addressing misinformation circulated about the peaceful and blessed religion of Islam. 

What Skills do I need?

Being a member does not mean that you need to be an amazing writer, though that would be beneficial. Both your Regional Qaid and the National Team will be happy to proof your work and cross the odd ''t'' that you missed. 

Does it Require Lots of my Time?

No. The amount that you contribute towards the role is completely subject to your availability and other commitments. You are free to spend a few minutes a month writing a few comments on news stories or spend hours writing books. It is entirely up to you. The main think is that you are contributing in some shape or form.

Next Step: Just enter your details below!

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What Else Can I Do?

What Else Can I Do?

Why not take a couple of minutes to subscribe to our new websites? Just visit and and type your e-mail address into the ''subscribe'' box on the right hand side.