• Get Involved - Ijtema

    National Ijtema

    The National Ijtema is usually held in September in ‘Islamabad’ – Tilford. This event, held annually, is a most important event were everybody is highly encouraged to attend and most of all, participate. There are a range of events of academic topics and sporting events, so it is quite certain that something will appeal to you. A prize distribution to 1st place winners of each competition is presented by Huzoor (atba).


    A full description of all the activities are presented:


    Academic Activities

    • Tilawat - recitation of the Holy Quran in Arabic song. Competitors are judged by the method of recitation and quality of voice. Extra points are awarded by reciting from memory.
    • Nazm - recitation of the poems of the Promised Messiah (as) and other prominent members of the Jama’at in Urdu song. Competitors are judged by pronunciation, tune and the quality of voice.
    • Paigham Rasani - in teams of 7 a message must be conveyed from one to another in a series analogous to Chinese Whispers.
    • Speech Competitions

    -          English and Urdu

    Each contestant is given 4 minutes to speak on one of the selected topics, marked on presentation style and content. Extra marks are given to those who avoid paper reading.

    -          Extempore (ad-lib)

    Each contestant is given 2 minutes to speak on a selected topic with 2 minutes of preparation time, marked on presentation style and content.

    • Observation Test - a basic test of the human senses; sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.
    • Ijtema Test - an open book exam with questions taken from quarterly Ta’leem tests issued that year.
    • Team Quiz - in teams of 4 representing a region, questions from pre-selected books as well as some additional general knowledge will be posed.
    • Research Association meeting    
    • Individual Athletics and Gymnastics Events:

    -          Shot Put

    -          60m Sprint

    -          Long Jump

    -          Weight-Lifting

    • Football Tournament
    • Volleyball Tournament
    • Tug of War
    • Football Skills Exhibition
    • Clay Pigeon Shooting
    • Fire, Police, Ambulance and Army Demonstrations

    Addresses are delivered by Huzoor (atba) when in attendance and Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK. Additionally, Huzoor (atba) often graces us all with his presence for an evening BBQ meal.



    Please try your best to get involved in any of the above activities that interest you. Some of them are open activities for you to enter on the day, yet some require pre-qualifying at a regional level. Do not hesitate to enter events on a regional level to get a small taster of what is to come on the national scale. Please refer to the MKA website (http://www.khuddam.org.uk/ijtema/2010/2009/12/18/local-regional-ijtemas-0-12654/) and contact your regional Qaid for more information.


    For a detailed overview of events at past and upcoming Ijtema’at please refer to the MKA website (http://www.khuddam.org.uk/ijtema/).