• Introduction


    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu

    The Tarbiyyat Nau Mubaeen (or Department of New Ahmadis) was previously a sub-section of the Tarbiyyat Department. Then in 2003, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (atba) with his Divinely-inspired wisdom decided to establish it as a separate department.


    Definition of a New Ahmadi

    A New Ahmadi by definition is anyone who has joined Ahmadiyyat in the last three years. However, since Tarbiyyat or moral education is an ongoing activity, those Ahmadi Muslims who joined the Community more than three years ago may also be included in our activities.


     The department is responsible for Tarbiyyat activities, in order to promote Islamic morals and etiquettes among Khuddam and Atfal who are New Ahmadis.

    The aims of the department are:


    1. To assimilate New Ahmadis into the Jama’at, such that they form an integral and stable part of the Community.

    2. To provide New Ahmadis with education and training to promote ongoing spiritual, moral and physical progression.


    For this purpose the department has established various plans in order to achieve these goals. However, it must also be remembered that the responsibility of achieving this does not solely depend on the members of the department. It is in fact the responsibility of every single member of the Jama'at, and we all collectively must ensure that any person who takes the great step of accepting the Promised Messiah (as) feels welcome and establishes a strong bond of brotherhood and friendship with the Community and its members.

    Bi-weekly emails to New Ahmadis
    We have started sending out emails every two weeks to all New Ahmadis whose email addresses we have on file. If you are a New Ahmadi, please send your email address to TarbiyyatNewAhmadis@khuddam.org.uk so that we may include you in the distribution list. If you have any questions regarding the department, or if you are a New Ahmadi please feel free to contact myself in full confidence.

    Zan Khan


    Mohtamim Tarbiyyat Nau Mubaeen (New Ahmadis) UK