• Online Business Directory

    MKA Sanat o Tijarat is looking to publicise Jama’at businesses online on www.khuddam.org.uk and www.tijaratonline.com


    Currently the Khuddam website alone has over 55,000 hits a month and we wish to take advantage of this volume by promoting our Ahmadi businesses. The aim will be as follows,


    • Help Ahmadi businesses to publicise their services
    • Provide a Service directory for our Jama’at members to refer to
    • To promote trade and industry among the members of the Jama’at in line with instructions by Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (atba)
    • Offer advertisement opportunities in Jama’at publications
    If you have a Business and wish to advertise for free please complete the form below. 

    Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih II (ra) once said:


    “If you know of an Ahmadi trader who has not come to the notice of the Office, send his name. Do not think that only the big businessmen deserve a mention; send us the names of even peddlers, as they are like nuts and bolts in the trade structure; their exclusion would hurt your profession”