Friday Sermon: Successful Tour of Holland and Germany

 Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih said that not only every Ahmadi, but also our opponents can see the fulfilment of the promises God made to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace).

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained in his book Baraheen e Ahmadiyya that in the verse ‘…and will place those who follow thee above those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection…’ (3:56) is a Divine promise with his Jama’at. He wrote in October 1902 that God’s promises are true and likened his own time to sowing of seed. He also said that if there had been no opponents, the Jama’at would not have seen miraculous progress because miracles are burnished with opposition. He wrote that God was increasing the Jama’at in size in an astonishing manner. Could it be something he or his Jama’at had managed? Certainly not; it was God’s work.
We witness corroboration of this on a daily basis, pious-natured people are entering the Jama’at and the Jama’at is being blessed in its resources and its people. The opponents are consumed with jealousy and every day some news or the other comes from Pakistan to this effect. Recently a wretched shop put an image of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) on a door mat so that it may be trampled on. A decent officer from the authorities took notice of this and had the door mat removed. These people should remember that God’s sense of honour will definitely avenge such treatment of those who are dear to Him. These people and their ringleaders will become a cautionary sign and a time will come that not only their images, they too will be trampled. We are patient and no matter what they do we will never take the law in our hands. We should intensify our prayers; these alone are our weapons, we have no other weapons. Some people put forward suggestions to take other measures. They should first take their prayers to the highest point.
God’s help and corroboration is with the Jama’at as pious-natured people are drawn to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and enter the Jama’at. People who do not even believe in the existence of God are compelled to opine that this Community is progressing by the day and its teaching is going to be triumphant. As the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said this is God’s work and through it wondrous signs emerge. People of the Community as much as touch a task and God brings about thousand-fold results. This gives rise to jealousy among the opponents. Addressing the enviers, Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih said their contention is with God; surely none can contend with God. Therefore they should fear God, for those who contend with Him are reduced to smithereens. Indeed, we witness showers of God’s blessings by the day and in spite of being called Muslims, these people do not stop and think that any effort that the Ahmadiyya Jama’at makes is resulting in the outsiders being impressed.
Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih said whenever he goes on a trip abroad, he notices a renewed glory of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) unfolded to the outsiders. In his recent trips to Holland and Germany, he met people of the Community as well as outsiders. As it is observed, the outsiders who come to the Jalsa take a positive influence. Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih graced Holland Jalsa after a long period. The Holland Jama’at suggested arranging an event with outside guests which Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih initially did not agree with as he felt the Jama’at did not have sufficient networks with the educated fraternity there. Later, he thought that our Jama’at centre is located is the area of the infamous Dutch politician who is ever vociferous against Islam and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), so it would be favourable to hold an event. As the Jama’at is small, it was envisaged that about twenty people could be invited, but with God’s grace 125 people attended the event, including dignitaries. Amazingly, national media, along with local media, covered the event.
Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih presented the beautiful teachings of Islam and the blessed model of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) in his address at the event. The local mayor and MP also addressed the event and spoke of religious tolerance. Later, the MP said that he was impressed with the beautiful teaching of Islam. The MP verified that the Dutch Jama’at does not have sufficient networks when he said that the Jama’at should develop links with the educated fraternity and the politicians so that misconceptions regarding Islam held by the Dutch are removed. Without naming names, he said that hatred spread by some would also be removed. God works in mysterious ways. Here was a Christian suggesting ways to take the teaching of Islam to his countrymen. This very decent politician had said to Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih that he would post his views on his website as well as a photograph he had had taken with Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih and he fulfilled his words.