Friday Sermon: The Germany Tour: Conveying the True Message of Islam

 After reciting the Tashahhud, Ta'uz, Tasmia and Sura Fatiah Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu'mineen (aba) said:

Huzur said that whenever he had the opportunity to sit with representatives of the world press as well as non-Muslims and whenever he got the opportunity for questions and answers or to converse [with them], they most certainly ask this question in one way or another, be it directly or indirectly, that what is the reason for the fear of Islam in the world and how can this be removed?

Huzur said this is nothing new and this question has been raised many times before as well. This very question opens our paths of Tabligh [propagating the true message of Islam]. If this fear is increasing, it is due to some so called Muslim groups or individuals committing ruthless acts and carrying out terrorist attacks in the name of Islam. The reaction or the concerns of the non-Muslims are also justified in that they are developing a fear of Muslims. However, our reaction is not a negative one. Huzur said I always tell them that such groups and individuals are emerging due to the wrong training of scholars or so called scholars and due to not understanding the true teachings of Islam. This is exactly in line with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (saw). At such a time, it was prophesied that the Promised Messiah and Mahdi would appear, who was to spread the true teachings of Islam in the world and according to our belief, the founder of the Ahmadiyya Community is that promised one, about whom this prophecy refers to. Thus, our response is in accordance with the teachings of the Promised Messiah (as) that he imparted to us, which are to spread the peaceful and harmonious message of Islam. Thus, we are acting in accordance with these teachings everywhere in the world.

The Promised Messiah (as) has told us that every kind of extremism, terrorism and cruelty is against the teachings of Islam. The Promised Messiah (as) informed us that: "Since the day this world was created, the truthful ones of every nation have testified to the fact that adopting the attributes of God Almighty is the elixir of life necessary for human existence." Thus, Allah the Exalted, Who is the fountain of peace, desires this from a Muslim and this is the very command of the Holy Qur'an that His attributes and qualities are adopted.

The Promised Messiah (as) stated that God Almighty is the Lord of all the worlds and His Rabubiyyat [Lordship] is not confined to any specific nation, era or country. Rather, He is the Lord of every nation, the Lord of every era, the Lord of every place and He is the Lord of every country. He is the Fountainhead of every blessing and every physical and spiritual might originates from Him. Everything that exists is nourished by Him and He is the Support for every being.

Hence, this is the knowledge and understanding of the Holy Qur'an, which the Promised Messiah (as) has bestowed to us. This is the remedy which is essential in order to spread peace and harmony in the world. This is the very aspect which can lay the foundation of reconciliation in the world and this is the message which the members of the Ahmadiyya Community endeavour to spread to every corner of the world.

Thus, in light of these teachings when we explain to the world the path that leads to peace, brotherhood, reconciliation and tranquillity, most pious natured non-Muslims unequivocally state that these teachings of Islam are indeed beautiful. Hence, this was expressed on various functions during this tour of mine to Germany as well where guests attended the inauguration of two mosques and also the foundation stone laying ceremony of a further two mosques.

One of the guests said: "I too had the opportunity to gain some blessings from this gathering of yours and it was an honour to be present. Had I not come here today, I would have certainly been deprived of something magnificent. I have been introduced to that true Islam through the Ahmadiyya Community which is in complete contrast to the 'Islam' of hatred and extremism seen on TV. Here, I have received peace and love not only through mere words, but I have met such people who practically do not wish for any hatred.'

Thus, the personal conduct of every Ahmadi also serves as a silent Tabligh [preaching the message].

Our well-mannered Ahmadi children are also exerting a positive influence on their local environment. Regarding this one of the lady guests said the following while expressing her views: 'I owe you gratitude at the fact that my children have Ahmadi friends. Since my children have formed a friendship with Ahmadi children, I have observed a positive and good change in them. Due to this, I wanted to enquire about your teachings. After coming here today, I have ascertained that my children are in the company of good friends and are safe... Read Full Summary