Friday Sermon: Seek Allah's Help with Patience and Prayers

 After reciting the Tashahhud, Ta’uz, Tasmia and Sura Fatihah, Hazrat Ameer-ul-Mu’mineen (aba) recited the verse:

O ye who believe! Seek help with patience and Prayer; surely, Allah is with the steadfast. (2:154)

Huzur said that people face many trials throughout their lifetime. There are many hardships in the world that man undergoes and in some cases there is no choice but to show patience and forbearance. These include the loss of wealth, children and worldly provisions. While some wail and cry and utter remarks of disbelief and words of complaint, however there are some who face such trials and difficulties due to accepting the Prophets of God. Just as their losses in their worldly possessions are for the sake of God Almighty, their loss of life is also for the sake of God Almighty, yet in spite of all this they pass through such tribulations without uttering a single word of grievance.

Undoubtedly they pray to Allah the Almighty saying: ‘O Allah, when all this is being inflicted upon us because we have accepted Your commissioned one, then enhance our faculties of patience and You, Yourself come to our aid and safeguard us from the oppression of these tyrants. Grant us firm resolve for this trial that we undergo for Your sake.’

Huzur stated that people of the world today only read the history of Prophets of God, however it is the Ahmadi Muslims that are practically passing through this phase due to the reason that they have accepted the Messiah of Muhammad (sa), the true ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (sa), who was the chosen one of God Almighty for the rejuvenation of Islam. Although groups and sects may be also be facing religious persecution, however given the opportunity, all these people, communities or groups retaliate in the same oppressive manner that was meted out to them. It is Ahmadis who never take the law into their own hands, thereby displaying the true characteristics of a believer who show patience upon facing cruelties by prostrating before Allah the Almighty and seeking His support. Thus, this is a stark difference between Ahmadi Muslims and other people of the world.

Huzur stated that we never forsake patience when faced with any worldly trial and neither do we revert back having professed belief due to the enmity of our opponents. We are fully aware that Allah the Almighty is the only one Who can ease our hardships and pains. During times of difficulty we do not bow before worldly people, but rather we prostrate before the Omnipotent God and seek His assistance. It is He who can grant us salvation from such hardships due to our patience and prayer, God Willingly... Read Full Summary