Friday Sermon: Attaining Taqwa

 In the previous sermon, I mentioned that the purpose of fasting and Ramadan as outlined by Allah the Almighty is to develop Taqwa [righteousness] within the hearts. The Promised Messiah(as) stated that in order to become a Muttaqi [righteous person] it is not enough to simply worship God or fulfil the rights of the creation of God, in fact a righteous person is one who also adopts a high standard of morals and has a positive influence on others through his/her piety and righteousness. Thus, on one occasion the Promised Messiah(as) stated: ‘High morals are a sign of a righteous person.’ The Promised Messiah(as) states: ‘Taqwa is made up of many components and to abstain from vanity, selfishness, unlawful wealth and to refrain from all kinds of immoral behaviour is part of Taqwa [righteousness]. A person who displays good morals then even his enemies become his friends. Allah the Almighty states: – ‘Repel evil with that which is best.’

The Promised Messiah(as) stated that Taqwa is to refrain from all kinds of ill habits and to display good morals is also Taqwa which enables one to turn even his enemies into friends. That is, if you treat others with kindness then even strangers will draw closer to you and be part of your community of friends. Therefore, this is the principal teaching which we must always bear in mind wherein we should exhibit good morals by adhering our every action to Taqwa.

The Promised Messiah(as) says, “Thus, by ‘morals’ is meant the seeking of the pleasure of Allah.” And what is meant by ‘seeking of the pleasure of Allah’? He says, “It is what is personified in the practical life of the Holy Prophet(sa).” What are morals? It is what Allah the Almighty desires. And what does Allah the Almighty desire? It is what we observe in every aspect of the life of the Holy Prophet(sa). For that, it is necessary that one should try to mould his life according to the life of the Holy Prophet(sa). These morals are like the foundation. If they remain unsteady, a building cannot be constructed upon them. Morals are like laying one brick on top of the other. If one brick is laid out of line the entire wall remains uneven.

Furthermore, regarding the moral qualities of the Holy Prophet(sa), the Promised Messiah(as) says, “With regards to the Holy Prophet(sa), Allah the Exalted has said that: - And thou dost surely possess high moral excellences. In every aspect of life, the Holy Prophet(sa) demonstrated the highest example of his moral qualities, which is obligatory for a believer to follow according to his capacity and capability.” .. “The bravest in battle was considered to be the one, who would be near the Holy Prophet(sa), as he would be in a place of great danger. Subhanallah [Holy is Allah], what great stature!” The Promised Messiah(as) says, “A time came, when the Holy Prophet(sa) possessed such a large flock of sheep, which even [the emperors] Caesar and Khosrow did not possess. He gave them all to a beggar.” This is the demonstration of [his] moral conduct... Read Full Summary