Friday Sermon: Jalsa Salana UK 2017 - Our Responsibilities

 The Jalsa Salana [Annual Convention] UK is InShaAllah going to commence on the coming Friday. By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, guests have already started arriving from other countries to participate in the Jalsa. In addition to Ahmadis, who come to benefit from the blessings of Jalsa, the guests of Jalsa now also consist of non-Ahmadis and non-Muslims, who come from not only Great Britain but also from various other countries. These attendees include Government representatives or public officials of some countries and influential people from academia. Likewise, the number of people related to press and media has now also started to increase. All these attendees, who are from outside [the Community], observe everything very closely and are usually impressed. Thus, during these days, our volunteers consisting of men, women, girls, boys and children serve to do silent tabligh and through the press, Ahmadiyyat is introduced across the length and the breadth of the world on a very broad scale. Thus, volunteer workers have a huge role and wherever or in whatever capacity the workers are engaged, they have their own special significance. This significance should be borne in mind by everyone, from a regular assistant to an officer. Actions and behaviour of every worker have an impact on those observers from outside the Community.

Team leaders should endeavour to work with humility and lead by example by working as an ordinary volunteer. Signs of humility and gentleness should be apparent on their faces. Their tone should be soft and the highest moral standards should be displayed. They should always remember that hospitality is a very important department. With regards to this, the Promised Messiah (as) expressed his sentiments at one place, which are a guiding principle for us. On one occasion the Promised Messiah (as) said, "I am always concerned that no guest experiences any trouble or discomfort. Rather, I always emphasise that the guests should be provided with as much comfort as possible." He said, "The heart of a guest is like a fragile glass, which can break from slightest of hurts... Read Full Summary