2007 Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (atba) Address at the 35th MKA UK Ijtema

After reciting Surah al–Fatiha Huzoor  said that the Promised Messiah  has mentioned that there are people who place greater trust in other (humans) than Allah. Such people would say that if so and so had not been there or so and so had not helped me out, I would have perished. These people do not realise that God bestows everything. Allah the Almighty says:
I seek refuge of the Lord who provides for everyone. He is the Lord. There is none else who can show compassion or cater for one’s needs like Him. The compassion of parents for their child is in fact a reflection of the mercy of God. Also, a King who is kind and just towards his people is only a manifestation of Allah’s mercy. Th ese are ways of God to teach that there is none equal to Him. He is the Lord and caters for everyone’s sustenance. Sometimes people put their faith in kings and start believing that the king saved them from being ruined or they succeeded in their objective with the help of the king, etc. Remember that anyone who says such things becomes a disbeliever. Everyone should refrain from such denials. No one can become a believer unless he has a firm faith in the mercy of the Almighty Allah and that He can take care of all needs. 
The Promised Messiah   has said that a man cannot benefit from his friend at all unless consented by Allah. The same is true for children and other relatives. Everything happens with the mercy of God. Allah the Almighty says that He is the Lord. If He did not take care of one’s needs, none else could. Look, sometimes when one falls sick under Divine plans then no matter how had the physicians try the patient expires. The fact is that only Allah bestows all favours and only He can remove any afflictions. 
In this excerpt, the Promised Messiah  has drawn our attention towards a basic principle that is essential for strengthening the faith of a believer. He has advised to hold fast to this principle, as this is the source of all blessings from Allah. Every sane person should understand that the prosperity of your businesses, kinship, children, dear ones, health; or success in education; or elevation in moral standards and spirituality cannot be achieved without attracting the pleasure of Allah through humble prostrations before Him. The one who believes that his actions, good deeds or prayers are elevating his spiritual status, or that his knowledge is helping him through spiritual ranks, or that he has acquired a greater ability to understand the attributes of Allah – none of this is possible without Allah’s grace. Those who have a true and mature understanding of Allah consider a person who believes that he has achieved his spiritual status on his own accord a fool. Therefore, everyone should remember this important point mentioned by the Promised Messiah  . If all young Ahmadis attain the cognizance of this point and truly practice this in their life then they will become a role model for people and generations who would be joining this Community in great numbers. Your example would help them attain full faith in God very quickly. Thus you would be able to share the reward from their Tarbiyyat. Every Ahmadi should realise that such time is not far and is upon us; therefore, strive for your own reformation and strengthen your faith by developing a spirit that manifests the ultimate belief in God. Only then will you be able to reform the new converts. 
In this passage, the Promised Messiah  has drawn our attention particularly to the point that we should develop an absolute belief in the Unity of God (Tauheed). The establishment of Tauheed is imperative. This belief must be inscribed in our hearts. The Promised Messiah   has asked us to establish Tauheed and belief  in the Omnipotence of Allah in our hearts so firmly, that the thought does not cross our mind that the success of our daily business depends on the intervention or support of other humans. It is only appropriate to show our appreciation (when helped by others), but the thought behind this gratitude should be that the help or support being off ered is in reality is from Almighty Allah who has swayed someone’s heart to lend their helping hand. It is not necessary to hold high spiritual ranks before God would instil a good thought in someone’s mind. Regardless whether one is a believer or a non-believer, or even an agnostic, Allah has full control over everyone’s mind, and therefore, when He wants to benefit someone he can create a desire even in the heart of a pagan to go and help so and so servant of His. This is why whenever you thank others for their help in worldly affairs always show your gratitude to Allah too for He has softened someone’s heart to be of benefit to you. Th is is what fortifies your faith and would bring you closer to Allah and enable you to win further favours and blessings from Him. There have been a lot of worldly and material advancements in our time. Due to this progress and materialistic pursuits, the man has not only become distant from his Creator but has advanced to rebuff and ridicule the existence of God. This is why, in this era, an Ahmadi should become more steadfast in their belief in the existence of God and supplications so that you can create a live bond with Him. This would defy the beliefs of those who disbelieve the existence of God. Allah Himself has taught the way for attaining this status. The Promised Messiah   has advised to always keep in mind Allah’s saying: 
I seek refuge with the God Who has nurtured me. He is the Lord, the Gracious and Merciful. He provided the shelter through our parents when growing up in our childhood. That was also a manifestation of His Lordship. He put mercy in their hearts that is a reflection of His Graciousness. In fact the kindness shown by parents towards their children is also His Benefaction. It is God Who created parents to fulfil a child’s needs and has put mercy in their hearts so that they take care of the child’s feelings. So you should be grateful to God for this Benevolence. However, Allah has ordained to show the gratitude towards parents too. One should be thankful to his parents but should never forget that all means are provided by Allah that are bestowed upon us through our parents. Thus we should always be thankful to Allah as well as our parents. Believers are instructed to show this true gratitude for the fact that God has created their parents for their nurturing. So remember that gratitude for Him will be complete only when you possess gratitude for your parents. Pray for them in these words
i.e. 'My Lord, have mercy on them because they brought me up from a state of infancy'. On one hand you will be reminded to supplicate for your parents and on the other, belief that it is God who has endowed us with the bounty of parents in the state of fragility will be strengthened. While we have to be grateful to God for his bounty, we also have to prove ourselves worthy of this bounty through our actions, and we should abide by Allah’s saying that one should not misbehave with his parents. In the Western world, children often consider themselves free and independent of parents beyond a certain age. Some spoiled children both in the East and the West squabble with their parents. At least the society supports parents in the East; but here, both the society, to a certain extent, and law take side with youth in the name of freedom. This (attitude) makes children forget that it is a commandment of God to treat parents with respect. If one has complete faith in God, then all His commandments should be followed in full. So the Ahmadi youth who are called teenagers should remember that survival depends on abiding by God’s teachings. Our freedom is confined within the boundaries set by God and His Prophet . Failing this, we will be denying God’s existence and would gradually distance ourselves from our faith too. And the trust in Allah will also weaken. 
Youngsters should remember that their friends will be of no avail to them if Allah does not will. Everyone distance themselves when personal circumstances deteriorate. This is why an Ahmadi should always put their trust only in the Almighty and try to come under His protection; the One Who has proclaimed “Qul A’oozu Bi Rabbil Falaq”  i.e. 'I seek refuge with Allah the Creator of new things'. In our age, there are new ways of deception, new inventions are taking place; this was destined to happen in our time as prophesied by God Almighty. We have been advised to seek protection through prayers and we have been taught those prayers. It is mentioned in the books of tradition that one should recite the last three chapters and blow over the body before going to sleep every night. This action should be repeated three times. 
There is only one Allah. Always keep Him in your thoughts. Try to establish His Oneness in your hearts.Pray to the Almighty Allah for seeking protection as well as deriving benefi t from His creation. Allah should be your Master and Him alone should you worship and pay homage. I have told you that nowadays new ways are being conceived to deceive you. Vice is promoted as good and openly advertised as such. Everyone must try to save themselves from falling into these traps. There is TV, satellite TV channels, some internet sites and other similar vain pursuits that you should always try to avoid. Keep reminding yourself that these pursuits will not enable you to progress and improve your life. Remember that it is God alone Who has provided means for your subsistence and shall continue to provide in future too and not this system.
Every young man should take account of their environment and consider if they are treading the path which will eventually result in wiping out all good from their life; so that they can follow the path that will save them from the ills and lead them to a virtuous life. At their age, every Khadim can distinguish between good and bad for themselves. I have reminded many times before that every Ahmadi youngster should display such maturity that they do not blindly follow the vain pursuits. He should rather consider the purpose of his life and the good or bad consequences of their actions. He should think why has Allah created him and why was he born in an Ahmadi family? Sometimes weaknesses appear in such Ahmadi youngsters who had an easy life. They are not aware of the sacrifices their parents or forefathers have made for the sake of Ahmadiyyat. Parents also have to shoulder theblame that they do not tell their children how their elders embraced Ahmadiyyat and sacrifices they had made in this cause. This also results in weakening the bond if these traditions are not mentioned at home. There are some Khuddam amongst you who have reached the age where their children are growing up. These children should be informed of these traditions and young children should also enquire from their parents (how Ahmadiyyat came to their family). 
Some people that I am mentioning here think that they are bound and restricted simply because of their birth in Ahmadi households. They feel being restrained. They want to be free; just like the world around them. However, before being bogged down, every young man must ponder what is freedom? Is turning away from commandments of Allah a freedom? Is ignoring the worship of Allah a freedom? Is failing to fulfil the rights of society a freedom? If this is named freedom then (listen) this is not freedom but ignorance. Now the Western society itself has started to accept this fact. Some parents are starting to raise their voices against this system. You can witness how social evils and shameful values have taken root in their society under the guise of freedom. These are destroying their homes (and family lives). These people have lost their peace of mind; and their children, as a consequence, live a restless life. Thus rather than following the so-called freedom blindly, common sense demands to analyse the pros and cons of treading their path! If you make an unbiased assessment, pray to Allah and seek His guidance then He will guide you. Every young Ahmadi should therefore make a self assessment that to what extent do they follow the commandments of Allah? To what extent do they consider Him the fountainhead of all powers and believe that He is the Omnipotent? They should also consider if they go to the
mosque because their ‘Zaeem’ or ‘Qaid’ has forced them so that their Majlis does not lose points in competition with other Majalis? Anyone who follows this thought processis grossly misled!
Instead prayers should be offered only because the Almighty Allah has declared His Worship as the purpose of creating humankinds. We should think of various favours granted to us by the Creator and thus show our gratitude. We should keep in mind that Allah has tasked us to spread the message of Islam throughout the world and this cannot be achieved without His blessings. We’ll have to adorn our prayers by prostrating before Him in order to win His mercy and blessings. Only then will we come under theprotection of the Omnipotent God! I enquire many youngsters about their regularity in prayers during mulaqats and I see a weakness in this regard. Although Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya has been trying for the past two to three years but their work is focused only on offering of one or two prayers in the mosque. It is essential that prayers are made a habit first. An addiction of prayers is essential. For that a programme should be developed to make every Khuddam realise that it is their duty to prostrate before God Almighty to seek His blessingsand that prayers are for their own good. If Khuddam offer only a couple of prayers in the mosque and do not pay attention to other prayers then they do not fulfil the right of expressing gratitude to God nor show the concern about coming under the protection of God which should be displayed by every Ahmadi youngster and individual. This is what the Promised Messiah  wanted to see in his community. Therefore, with this understanding we should aim to become a thankful worshipper. Every Khadim should take his own account for achieving this objective. If we continue to self reflect,  not only would be able to achieve the purpose of our creation at individual level but also attain this goal collectively soonest. The purpose of our lives should be to raise flag of the Holy Prophet Muhammad all over the world. The whole world should be shown the way to true pleasure and contentment. The whole world should be shown the way to achieve closeness to Allah, be thankful to Him and become His worshipping servants. These are our goals. 
For this purpose every young Ahmadi, who has achieved the age of understanding, should make an effort. It is important that the youth should be reformed as Hazrat Musleh Maud  has said that: Nations cannot be reformed without the reformation of its youth. If the youth develops this understanding then  the attainment of all other things I have said would become quick and easy. May Allah grant us strength to achieve this, may He give you the strength and to me that we all are able to bring about the necessary changes within ourselves that enable us to witness the victory of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. 
Let's join in silent prayer.