Harmful innovations in religion

Recitation of Surat Al Nisa v. 49, Exposition on harmful innovations in religion, Among the ills that take over imperceptibly is one that is a great sin: shirk (associating partners with God), First condition of bai’at, A Hindu wrote a poem depicting that if Hindus worshipped idols Muslims prostrated before graves, Prayer of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) to abstain from shirk, Hudhur said when certain harmful innovations become prevalent they take one away from the true teaching and impair religion, The Promised Messiah (A.S.) said that our way is the same as that of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and his Companions, Hudhur explained that let alone general harmful innovations, The Promised Messiah (A.S.) even considered laying too much stress on incantation (wazaif/wird/dikr) as innovation, Hudhr explained the disadvantages of celebrating Halloween and how it spread due to christianity in west, Ahmadi Muslims should avoid celebrating Halloween and instead increase their connection with God.