Islamabad Regional Khuddam and Atfal Fun Day

1,000 year old Qur'an and replica of oldest known Qur'an (Birmingham manuscript) on display at #MuslimRetreat.
For coverage of #IjtemaUK2017, where beloved Huzur (aba) will deliver the concluding address
From an empty field to a mini village ready to host thousands for this year's @IjtemaUK. Just 1 day to go!
Now that the site transformation is complete, it's time for three days of spiritual transformation (and beyond!)
@ReviewReligions setting up for this years #IjtemaUK2017 with an internationaly renowned exhibition on the #HolyQuran
Are you over 15? Do you now wish you were under? We thought so too! @AtfalUK

Prayer times

Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Masjid fazl & Baitul futuh
  • 06 : 30 Fajr
  • 14 : 00 Zuhr
  • 16 : 30 Asr
  • 18 : 30 Maghrib
  • 20 : 00 Isha

Islamabad Regional Khuddam and Atfal Fun Day

The ‘Ijtema Roadshow’ and the regional BBQ took place on the 13th of August, 2017 in the University of Surrey Lake side Park. About 60 Khuddam and Atfal, Mohtamim sahib Taleem, Nazim-e-Ala National Ijtema and Sadar sahib Majlis MKA UK attended this event

On Sunday the 13th of August, 2017, a Regional BBQ and Fun Day was held in near the picturesque lake in the University of Surrey. The National Amla representatives were also invited and Nazim-e-Ala National Ijtema Okasha Badr sahib and Sadar sahib Majlis MKA UK attended this event. Sports and general activities were available for atfal to participate in and enjoy. These included the egg & spoon race, basketball shootouts, drawing, football and many more. Similarly, the Khuddam had the opportunity to discuss the arrangements for this National Ijtema during the Ijtema Roadshow (briefing) from Okasha sahib. Atfal the BBQ all participants had a group photo taken with Sadar sahib as well. In total about 60 Khuddam and Atfal attended.