Ramadhan Homeless Feeding Sessions

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Prayer times

Wednesday, October 11, 2017. Masjid fazl & Baitul futuh
  • 06 : 30 Fajr
  • 14 : 00 Zuhr
  • 16 : 30 Asr
  • 18 : 30 Maghrib
  • 20 : 00 Isha

Ramadhan Homeless Feeding Sessions

By the grace of Allah, on Saturday 3rd June, 7 Khuddam and 7 Atfal of Putney Qiadat participated in Homeless Feeding at Charing Cross, London, where food packs were distributed. 100 packs of sandwiches (Tuna, salami, cheese etc), 100 packs of Burgers (Chicken + Lamb), 100 packs of Daal Chawal, 100 Apple & 200 water bottles were distributed to the homeless.

Later on the same day, sadly a terrorist attack happened at the nearby London Bridge, upon which a letter to the Editor from a Khadim of Putney was published on the website of Independent to show sympathy, but also to denounce that this incident has nothing to do with Islam, and in fact, it is the acts such as homeless feeding session done earlier, that are the true teaching of Islam. The letter can be read at:www.independent.co.uk

A weekend later, Kingston (Masroor Region) Khuddam and Atfal distributed 146 containers of chicken pasta, 200 pears & 200 bottles of water to the homeless at Charing Cross, Central London on Sunday, 11thJune 2017.

This session by Kingston also got press coverage in the local Surrey Comet.


Young Muslims from Kingston Ahmadiyya community give out hundreds of food packs to homeless people: www.surreycomet.co.uk

Southmead Khuddam went for the homeless feeding session on Sunday 25th June to distribute over 50 packs of chicken pasta to the homeless at Charing Cross, London.