Qiadat Review Questions

Dear Khadim, this is an opportunity to give feedback on how well your local Amila interacts with you as an individual. We will use this information to help your local Qaid to improve the work of the majlis.

* Region:
* Qaidat:
* Has your Qaid come to meet you at your home or work?:
* How well do you feel your Qaid knows you?:
* How often do you meet other Khuddam from within your Qaidat:
* How does your Qaid mostly contact you?:
Reasons for your Qaid contacting you:
 other eventother event:
 Waqare Amal:
 Well being:
* How was your local ijtema?:
* What did you enjoy the most at your local Ijtema?:
* What would you change about your local ijtema?:
 General Comments:
General Meeting
* How do you rate your last month general meeting:
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