'Alif Laam Meem' Forum for Atfal hosted in March 2014 by Masroor Region

By the grace of Allah, Masroor Region had the honour to host the national Atfal 'Alif Laam Meem' Forum on Saturday 8th March 2014 at Nasir Hall, Baitul Futuh. It was overall attended by 96 Atfal above the age of 12 from the neighbouring London regions.

The forum began at 16:30 with the Recitation of the Holy Qur'an, followed by a few couplets from Durr-e-Sameen. Then, the national Secretary Talim from MAA UK welcomed the Atfal and introduced to the topics of this event.

First up was an excellent presentation by a Khadim on the Prophets of Allah mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. A powerpoint presentation was shown, with photos giving hints to the era and history of the Prophets. This interactive presentation proved to be very helpful andinteresting and Atfal took part actively.

After that, groups of 10-15 Atfal were created and the topic of Purdah was given to discuss. Every group then sent a member to the front after 10 minutes of discussion to highlight their key findings and points discussed to share with all.

The event successfully concluded at 17:45 with Maghrib Prayers. After Maghrib Prayer, Atfal were treated with chicken and chips at Nasir Hall. 


Photos of this forum can be viewed here.