The Holy Qur'an Testing Via1-to-1 Sitting in Walsall

On the 28th May a 1-to-1 testing/sitting of the rules (tajweed), recitation and pronunciation of the Holy Qur'an. All the khuddam were tested on Surah Al' Baqarah (2: 155) and marked out of 10 with a record being kept for the organisation of working towards correcting the mistakes. The findings of nazim taleem is as follows:

The length of Tawuz and Bismillah were not recited with the same length, khuddam did not know the names of the rules and what they meant, some khuddam knew the rules (tajweed) but got confused whilst applying them.
The advice given to all the khuddam was to listen to the tilawat on MTA or online and improve their pronunciation and understand the correct way to recite. The future plan is to have a Qur'an class day in which different teachers will teach the Khuddam about Tajweed, Talafus, Tauwz, etc using PowerPoint slides by Hafiz Fazle Rabbi and going through each of his lessons.