Eeqan February 2014 - Musleh Maud: The Prophecy and The Man


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The Purpose of the Advent of the Promised Messiah

Vol 1, Issue 2

Musleh Maud: The Prophecy and The Man

In the 1880s, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) confronted several religious leaders who demanded to show them signs in favour of Islam as a living religion. In response to this, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) travelled to the town of Hoshiarpur where he spent 40 days in seclusion praying for divine signs in favour of Islam over other faiths. Subsequently, on 20 February 1886 he announced the prophecy concerning the birth of a spiritual son:

Rejoice, therefore, that a handsome and pure boy will be bestowed on thee. Thou wilt receive a bright youth who will be of thy seed and will be of thy progeny. A handsome and pure boy will come as your guest. His name is Emmanuel and Bashir. He has been invested with a holy spirit and he will be free from all impurity. He is the light of Allah. Blessed is he who comes from heaven. He shall be accompanied by grace (Fazl) which shall arrive with him. He will be characterized with grandeur, greatness and wealth. He will come into the world and will heal many of their disorder through his Messianic qualities and through the blessings of the Holy Spirit. He is the Word of Allah for Allah's mercy and honor have equipped him with the Word of Majesty. He will be extremely intelligent and understanding and will be meek of heart and will be filled with secular and spiritual knowledge. He will convert three into four (of this the meaning is not clear). It is Monday, a blessed Monday. Son, delight of heart, high ranking, noble; a manifestation of the First and the Last, a manifestation of the True and the High; as if Allah has descended from heaven. His advent will be greatly blessed and will be a source of manifestation of Divine Majesty. Behold! a light cometh, a light anointed by God with the perfume of His pleasure. We shall pour our spirit into him and he will be sheltered under the shadow of God. He will grow rapidly in stature and will be the means of procuring the release of those held in bondage. His fame will spread to the ends of the earth and peoples will be blessed through him. He will then be raised to his spiritual station in heaven. This is a matter decreed. – Majmu'ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 95-96 (English Translation: Essence of Islam, vol 4, p. 45-46)
Durr-e-Thamin - Prophecy Musleh Maud He gave me the glad tidings: thou shalt have a son, Who shall one day become My darling.
I shall dispel all darkness through this Moon, And demonstrate the transformation of a world;
It’s not just a glad tiding, but is the very sustenance of my soul, Holy is He Who disgraced the enemies!– Durr-e-Thamin, p. 50
The words of the Prophecy regarding the birth of my second son, whose name is Bashir Ahmad... are: Prophecy regarding the birth of Musleh Maud i.e., The Moon of Prophets shall come, and your task shall be accomplished. A son will be born to you and Divine grace shall be brought closer to you. In other words, he will be the source of Divine Grace... In keeping with this prophecy, this son was born on 20th April, 1893, and was named Bashir Ahmad, as is evident from the Announcement published on 20th April, 1893.– Tiryaq-ul-Qulub, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 15, p. 220 (English Translation: Essence of Islam, vol 4, p. 51)


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