Dundee Qiadat Raise Funds for Local Charity, Helps for Kids

Over the past three weekends, November 30, December 7 & 14, 2014, Dundee Qiadat helped raise funds for Help the Kids , a Dundee based Charity, who Support, aid and fund local Children, or causes concerning local Children, who are either vulnerable or disadvantaged through social and economic circumstances or through health and disability.
These events took place at the busy Overgate shopping centre where Khuddam took part in wrapping gifts as well as taking the buckets and asking shoppers to donate towards this worthy cause of helping children in Dundee who live below the poverty line.
On the last weekend, Khuddam from Edinburgh, Glasgow North and Glasgow South Qiadats also participated and helped raise funds.
A total of 52 hours were spent by Khuddam over the three weekends.