MKA Glasgow North Ijtema Report

By the grace of Allah, the 1st Annual Local Ijtema of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Glasgow North was held on 22 January 2012, Sunday at the Bait-ur-Rehman mosque in Glasgow.  The theme of this year’s Ijtema was ‘Vie with one another in good works’.

The preparation for the Ijtema began with a letter to our beloved Huzoor (atba) for special prayers and a letter to Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK for his prayers and invitation for the Ijtema. An Ijtema committee was made to cover all the aspects of the Ijtema. The programme for Ijtema was prepared in conjunction with the instructions set by the centre. This was then emailed, given by hand and also posted to all the members well before the Ijtema along with the syllabus and an invitation letter.  All Khuddam and Atfal were constantly reminded through telephone and text by the attendance team. Some homes were also visited to invite them. To track the progress regularly, 3 meetings of the Ijtema committee were held.

The Ijtema was blessed with the presence of the Regional Amir Abdul Ghaffar Abid Sahib, Regional Missionary Maulana Daud Ahmad Qureshi Sahib, Regional Qaid of MKA Scotland Ahmed Owusu-Konadu Sahib, President of AMA Glasgow Dr. Imran Ahmed Sahib, and some Majlis-e-Amila members of MKA Scotland Region.


The Ijtema started at 9:00am with registration and light breakfast was provided for all who were present. The opening session started at 9:30am with the recitation from the Holy Qur'an by Hafiz Ansar Hameed Qureshi Sahib followed by the Khuddam Pledge by Regional Qaid of Scotland Ahmed Owusu-Konadu Sahib. Then there was a Nazm by Mr. Qasim Mehmood. MKA Glasgow North Qaid Qamarullah Bin Tariq Islam Sahib gave a welcome address which was followed by an address by Regional Missionary-in-Charge Maulana Daud Ahmad Qureshi Sahib. The opening session closed with the instructions for the Ijtema given by Secretary Ijtema Committee Mr. Sajeel Ahmad Sajjad Sahib.

Atfal and Khuddam were then split in order to have separate academic competitions. Khuddam academic competitions included Tilawat, Nazm, Adhan, Hifz-e-Qur’an, Hifz-e-Ahadith, and Hifz-e-Adi’ya competitions, Prepared Speech, Extempore speech, and Chinese Whispers. Atfal academic competitions included Tilawat, Nazm, Adhan and Prepared Speech. The Atfal also had their musical chair competition in the morning session. All academic competitions ran smoothly. 








Zuhr and Asr prayers were offered at 1:15pm followed by lunch. Then Khuddam and Atfal went to the sports ground and had the sporting events.

Khuddam sporting competitions included football, tug of war, and 100 metre race and Atfal sporting competitions included football, tug of war, and 50 metre race. Badminton and Table Tennis were played in the earlier week.

Khuddam proceeded to the Mosque after the sports for Maghrib prayer. After prayer the closing session started at 6:00pm with Tilawat and then Pledge followed by Nazm. Both the Tilawat and Nazm were recited by the winners of the respected competitions for Khuddam. Maulana Daud Ahmad Qureshi Sahib gave a speech on the difference between an Ahmadi and Non-Ahmadi followed by the Ijtema report by MKA Glasgow North Qaid. Then Regional Amir Abdul Ghaffar Abid Sahib gave a speech on the Ijtema theme ‘Vie with one another in good works’.

Prizes for the academic and sports competition were distributed by Regional Amir Sahib. MKA Scotland Regional Qaid Sahib gave the concluding address in which he congratulated the Qiadat on holding a successful Ijtema and then encouraged all to always participate in promoting Islam and Ahmadiyyat. The Ijtema concluded at 7pm with a silent prayer led by Maulana Daud Ahmad Qureshi Sahib.



Everyone then offered Ishaa prayer. After the prayer, ice-cream and sweets were served. In total, 28 Khuddam, 14 Atfal, 6 under the age of 7 and 34 guests attended the Ijtema.