Epsom Ewell of Tahir Region Ijtema report







                                       Epsom & Ewell Ijtema 2012


In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful.


Nazim-e-Ala - Ataur Raheem Ahsan

Qaid Majlis - Labeeb Ahmed

Academics - Sumair Naveed

Sports - Ata-ul-Wadood

Ziafat - Tahir Ahmed

Chairman (Opening Session) - Najm Khan

Chairman (Final Session) - Raashid Khan

Epsom & Ewell qiadat's second local Ijtema was held on Saturday the 11th of February 2012. The Ijtema's preparation began 2 weeks earlier by firstly hiring a suitable location. The location was a Sports Centre in Worcester Park. The sports centre allowed us access to a Huge Sports Hall consisting of four badminton courts, a basketball court and many other indoor sports.

For football, we were given access to a football court, which was very useful. Second to that, we also used two porta-cabins one of which was used for academic competitions and opening and closing sessions. The second porta-cabin was used as a diner, where everyone had lunch. The Ijtema started bang-on time with registration at 10am. By 11am the opening session the opening session was scheduled to start.

Within the hour of registration, a finance desk was set-up for collecting local chanda, all guiding signs were printed and were stuck on doors to guide Khuddam coming in towards registration. At 11am, the opening session began and was chaired by Najm Khan sahib (Naib Sadr MKA UK). At 11:20am, the opening session was concluded with silent prayer.

Immediately after the opening session, announcements were made and all Khuddam and Atfal set about following the programme. The Khuddam began with their Academics, and Atfal began with Sports. Khuddam academics consisted of Tilawat, Nazm and Extempore Speech, and the Atfal sports consisted of Football, Basketball, Cricket and Table Tennis.

After the morning session, we kick-started the afternoon with delicious biryani which was brought and made from Baitul Futuh. Lunch was at 1pm and after lunch everyone had enough time to go for wudhu for Zuhr and Asr namaz. After the namaz, Khuddam were requested to stay in the sports hall for sports and Atfal were asked to go for Academic Competitions.

The Atfal academics were similar to the Khuddam academic, consisting of the same competitions. Meanwhile Khuddam were enjoying a table tennis competition. Straight after the table-tennis tournament, Khuddam made two teams for the cricket tournament, the teams were 8 a-side. Each innings consisted of 8 overs.

The Khuddam sports and Atfal academics were scheduled to finish by 4pm. At 4pm, refreshments were served to everyone on site. The Ijtema team then set to work preparing for the final session. At 4:45pm the Final session began with Tilawat and was chaired by Raashid Khan Sahib who is a member of the National Amila. Ijtema report was read-out by Nazim-e-Ala (Ata-ur-Raheem Ahsan Sahib).

After prize distribution, Raashid Khan Sahib highlighted the importance of attending and participating in local and regional activities. The final session was then concluded with a silent prayer lead by Raashid Khan Sahib. Without any prompting, Khuddam came to local Qaid and gave feedback saying that they really enjoyed the Ijtema. 37 Khuddam out of 57 Khuddam attended the Ijtema and 28 Atfal out of 38 Atfal attended the Ijtema. We also had 4 guests attending the Ijtema. In total, 69 members of Jama'at attended the local Ijtema.