Sutton Qaidat of Tahir Region Ijtema 2012


Sutton Qiadat (Tahir Region) MKA local Ijtema report

Sutton Qiadat is delighted to report that, by the Grace of the Almighty, this Majlis was able to hold its local Ijtema on Saturday the 28th of January 2012, which was both spiritually and physically an engaging endeavour.

A breakfast comprising of flaky bakery fruit and juice as offered as breakfast to kick start the registration process. After a slightly slow start to the morning at registration, from an attendance point of view, very quickly the proceedings of the day were underway with not only attendance reaching highest ever recorded for an Ijtema for this Majlis but also the percentage of the attendees participating in various organized activities at highest that as a Khadim (now Qaid) that I have ever seen, as 90% of both the Khuddam and Atfal who attended participated in the morning session’s sports activities. Khuddam and Atfaal enjoyed duels in table tennis and on the badminton court. Due to the overwhelming participation in sports activities the champion decider rounds were delayed till after Zuhr prayer.

After Zuhr, naturally it was time for lunch but the slight delay in lunch preparation did not dampen any sprits, soon after Zuhr both the finalists and spectators gathered around the respected areas for the grand finale to congratulate the winners.

Biryani Lunch was delivered 40 minutes late but very soon after the concluding sporting sessions.  It was enjoyed by all attendees and by those who were lured in by the divine and inviting scents given off from this feast.

Soon after lunch the afternoon session was underway which was presided by out dear friend, and a representative of the national office, namely Usman Khan Sahib who is part of the national Atfal office.

Once again the participation in the afternoon’s academics was above 90% where almost everyone took part in Nazm, Tilawat and extempore/prepared speech competitions.

The concluding session began at 4:30pm with an Ijtema report on how the day’s proceedings by Qaid Majlis followed by the prize distribution ceremony. The concluding address was given by Usman Khan Sahib who drew attention towards, amongst other things, self-assessment, and the true meaning of being a Muslim and especially an Ahmadi. The session closed with silent prayer lead by our special guest.

A red book, book containing points to improve upon, was started for the first time in Sutton Majlis, indeed there are many aspects of the Ijtema that need to be improved upon, but once again it was an event that we believe was enjoyed by the attendees and that it was both spiritually and physically a beneficial and fulfilling event.

Humble seeker of your prayers

Abdul Hayee

Sutton Qiadat of Tahir Region