Atfal Activities Tahir Region

All praise belongs to Allah, Ameen.

MashAllah by the grace of Allah Tahir Region Atfal had their first Game of the Tahir Region Inter - Qiadat atfal League. The first game was football, where smaller Qiadat were small Qiadats represented by one team and larger Qiadats by 2 teams

We had a total of 13 teams competing very intense group stages and proceeding on to the quarter finals, semi finals and final.

Each game was for 7 minutes and every team was engaged in many fixtures, happening non-stop one after the other.

Every team and Tifl brought their A-Game for the competition, displaying high skill and enjoyed every bit of it.

To conclude the event we blessed by the presence Naib Sadr MKA to present medals to players that stood out within the tournament, and finished up with silent prayer.

I would like to thank Ghalib Khan saab our National Atfal Tarbiyyat Nazim for taking his time out and coming down for this event where fellow Khuddam and Atfal benefited through his engagement with individuals.