Tahir Region's Tree Planting at St Albans


Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Tahir Region joined forces with the Woodlands Trust to improve the county's environment by helping to plant well in excess of 10,000 new trees. More than 20 members from the Region were present at the Heartwood Forest in St Alban on 16th March 2013 and planted a mixture of saplings, oaks & birch trees.

The  project forms part of MKA’s national tree planting initiative that it is running in conjunction with charities across the UK and has seen more than 6,000 trees planted already.

Kashif Khan, Regional Co-ordinator of MKA Tahir Region, said: “We are  absolutely delighted that our youth had the opportunity to contribute towards improving our planet. Both safeguarding and beautifying the planet is an important part of our faith as Muslims and indeed a united ambition shared by people of all faiths and backgrounds’’

Sheraz Ahmed, Regional Qaid for MKA Tahir Region, said: “Events such as these help to promote good community relations and offer us a welcome opportunity to contribute positively towards this great area and country. “The Prophet Muhammad (saw), who was a mercy for mankind, was particular about protecting the environment and planting trees. It is his noble example which is the inspiration behind this initiative.''