Tahir Regionís Khidmat e Khalq week

Tahir Regionís Khidmat e Khalq week

Tahir Region’s Khidmat e Khalq week

Khuddam and atfal from tahir region celebrated Khidmat e Khalq week on week beginning 30th December 2013. Various khidmat e khalq activities including nursing home visits, hospital visits and general khidmat e khalq activities were undertaken by the khuddam and atfal from the region.

On 30th December khuddam and atfal from Cheam Qiadat visited Sutton Court Care home on 30th December. Another group of khuddm and atfal from Epsom & Ewell and Surbiton qiadats visited Appleby House Care Home on 31st December looking after elderly with Dementia.

At both occasion roses and greeting cards were given to each resident member. Visitors were also given the opportunity to engage in conversation by speaking to few elderly as well as talking to members of staff.

Moreover on 1st January 2014 khuddam and atfal from Sutton Qiadat visited Queen Mary Children’s Ward at St Helier hospital. Presents such as toys, pencil cases, colouring books, felt tips and puzzles were given out along with seasonal greeting cards. All participants enjoyed taking part in the visit and were looking to join the next one. 

Khuddam from Sutton qiadat also helped a khadim move house during the month.

By the grace of Allah, all these activities were really successful and in addition to communicating Islam’s message of peace and kindness gave an opportunity to teach young khuddam and atfal the importance of khidmat e khalq, in particular helping the sick and elderly.