• Tahir Region raising £1000 for the Humanity First Water For Life Project

    By: Hibatul Mohsin Abid (Regional Nazim Khidmat e Khalq)

    This year amongst many initiatives taken by MKA Tahir Region, one was Water for Life. Under this project the aim was to raise £1000 for installation of 2 water pumps in Africa. The president of MKA, Respected Fahim Anwar sahib, approved our humble request for approval of donation collection.

    As part of this project, donations were collected from Khuddam of Tahir Region. The donations collected were done in form of bucket collections on local Ijtemas and via JustGiving.com. Alhamdolillah, the target to raise £1000 has been completed. This donation will be presented to Huzoor (atba). This donation will be utilized in getting two water pumps installed in remote villages of Africa.

    All the donations done were diverted to MKA account on JustGiving.com: https://www.justgiving.com/kek-tahirregion

    Please remember us in your prayers and those who have made tremendous contributions to make this project a success.

  • Tahir Region Khuddam Donating Blood to The NHS

    By: Hibatul Mohsin Abid (Nazim Khidmate Khalq)

    In February, the Khuddam of Tahir Region started to work on another target that was given to us by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. In February, as a pilot phase, we asked our local Khuddam to register at NHS blood donation centres and donate blood. Alhamdolillah, 9 of our Khuddam donated blood in February 2012.

    At least 15 of our Khuddam were present at donation centre, however, since they were unregistered, they could not donate blood and were sent back. Insha’Allah next year this will not be an issue. We are already working on these lines.

    Please remember us in your prayers.

  • Tahir Region - The Monthly Homeless Feeding Project

    In continuation to the initiative taken by Tahir Region Homeless Feeding,  Alhamdolillah the project maintained its inertia. For this project we have started working with Faith in Action, Homelessness Project Merton who provides food, showers and clothing to homeless people. On average 60 homeless are served food. In March we undertook two tasks which are as follows.

    • ·       On 9th February 2 012, Cheam Qiadat volunteered to donate for the food of 60 homeless. The food served included breakfast, coffee or tea and lunch.
    • ·       On 16th February 2012, two volunteers from Cheam joined the team of Faith in Action at the homeless shelter for the full day to work in the kitchen. Alhamdolillah we have had excellent feedback from Faith in Action for the volunteers.

    Following is the extract from the testimonial that was received today from the manager, Andy, at Faith in Action: “Just to say thank you very much for the volunteers last week, who both jumped in and got on with the work straight away and made themselves very useful. I hope they both enjoyed their experience as well. Once again thank you very much for your continued support and we look forward to developing our links in the future.”

    May Allah enable us to help those who are less privileged and hence enable us to build a better and equal society. Ameen.

    The Ahmadiyya Post covers this story in detail: