• MKA Yorkshire Tree Planting Day at Dewsbury Country Park

    MKA Yorkshire Tree Planting Day at Dewsbury Country Park

     A chilly Sunday morning with a cold nip in the air. A foggy start to the day, a vast plantation with wet soggy grass long enough to bury the ankles, potholes and puddles of mud and surrounding area of swampy stagnant water & acres of huge trees casting a damp impression as the leaves drip the morning dew. There was a lull all around.

    Certainly, not the ideal situation to be in mid-December when the weather is stormy and cold.  
    As unpleasant as it sounds, this did not deter the youth of Ahmadiyya community to go ahead and yet again do something valuable for the community and the environment. Around 85 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, including children and teenagers, participated in the event, having travelled from across Yorkshire to plant approximately 3000 trees.
    The initial session was in the Greenwood Centre, Dewsbury which was presided over by the vice-president of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK – Dr Aziz Hafeez. He spoke very eloquently on the importance of planting new trees and how these would have an impact on our future generations. We were also joined by the Right Honourable Councillor Paula Sheriff (Councillor for Pontefract District) who came to offer her support for the hard work we were doing across the Yorkshire region. 
    Mr Ian Butterfield from the Bradford Environmental Action Trust (BEAT) then explained to the members present the activities for the day, and gave a brief introduction to the site where we were planting – it was an old landfill site that the local council are converting into “Dewsbury County Park” and aiming to plant around 40,000 trees in total. A short video was also played showing the Khuddam how to plant the trees on the actual site themselves. 
    Mr Faran Rizvi (Nazim KeK, Yorkshire) then highlighted how the day would plan out and what work was required from the Khuddam. It was decided that the Khuddam would be split up into teams to tackle the day’s tasks. Before setting off for the site, Naib Sadr Sahib led the Khuddam in Silent Prayer. We all then left for Dewsbury County Park from the Greenwood Centre.
    After being divided into groups to carry out the tasks we were assigned to a team leader. 
    It was truly an amazing experience for all of us to be a part of this day and to learn that some of the trees planted were to live for 500-800 years. Long after we are gone, our generations would be the ones benefitting from them. 
    It was a wonderful sight to see these children, out in such cold weather, digging with their shovels and spades. It was evident that they were enjoying themselves.
    Hopefully these trees, by the grace of Allah, will grow and provide a home for wildlife, beauty to this reserve, a means of purification of air, shade to people from the sun, shelter from rain and finally fuel for fires when they end their life cycle. 
    Despite the rain and cold weather we successfully planted 2800 trees in just over 2 hours. 
    We were also joined on the day by a group of youngsters with learning difficulties who came from a local community group to help plant trees and spend the day with our Khuddam. 
    The day’s hard-work drew to a close at around 1.30pm; when we headed back to the Greenwood Centre where Zuhr& Asr Salat was offered followed by lunch. 
    Media across the region highlighted this event and more than 30 newspapers reported it, examples of reports: 
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  • Press Release of National Tree Planting in Dewsbury

     Muslim youth group launches tree planting scheme



    A Youth Organisation representing young Muslims from across Yorkshire has boosted efforts to improve the country’s environment by planting 2,500 trees.

    Close to one hundred and fifty volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) were out in force last Sunday to plant trees in the newly developed Dewsbury Country Park.

    The project formed part of the AMYA’s national environmental tree planting initiative that it is running in partnership with the Woodland Trust. The trees planted included Sessile Oak, Silver Birch, Alder, Broad, Leaved Lime, Hornbeam, Mountain Ash.

    This comes a week after volunteers planted 800 trees at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire.

    Dr Bilal Bhatti, Spokesperson for AMYA Yorkshire stated:

    “Our members are absolutely delighted that they had the opportunity to contribute towards improving the environment. Both safeguarding and beautifying the planet is an important part of our faith as Muslims and indeed a united ambition shared by people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

    “Events such as these also help to promote good community relations and our members are keen to get involved in similar schemes in the future.”

    Ian Buttersfield, Forestry Manager for the Bradford District, stated:

    “This has been the sixth year that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community have worked with Forest of Bradford to carry out a tree planting project within the district. Today over 100 volunteers planted 2350 trees at the new Dewsbury Country Park in West Yorkshire. The planting scheme was organized by Kirklees Council as a White Rose Forest partnership project. Volunteers from West Yorkshire, Sheffield, Hartlepool, London, Liverpool and Peterborough came together to get the planting completed. Since the first project carried out by members of the Al Mahdi Mosque on Rees way, Bradford, was carried out, over 6500 trees have been planted. This was another great effort by volunteers from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Volunteers from across the country have contributed to the greening of our environment through creating new woodland that will benefit all who live and work in the area” A big thank you goes to all involved in the project.