Sadr Majlis - Ijtema Address 2011

Sadr Majlis Ijtema Address 2011
Auzobilla himineshatan nirajeem Bismilla hirahmaa niraheem
Rabbi ashrahli sadree wa yassirli amri wa ahlul ukdatumilli saani yafkahu kowli
My dear brothers
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu
Over this last year I have visited a number of the regions around the UK, meeting many people, but this is still my first address to you as a Majlis and though it is my immense honour and privilege to address you, I still request your patience and prayers over the next 15 minutes or so that Allah may guide my words. 
There is a particular quote I will read out to you that will essentially encapsulate what I have to say and it goes like this:
"The darkest moments of our lives are not to be buried and forgotten; rather they are a memory to be called upon for inspiration, to remind us of the unrelenting human spirit and its capacity to overcome the intolerable."
Never does this apply more so than in the case of our brothers who gave their lives for the sake of the Jama’at almost a year and a half ago in Lahore.
Our Jama’at has, throughout its history faced great hardships. And some may think that if we truly belong to the people of the Promised Messiah (as), the true followers of our beloved Imam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw pbuh) then why do we have to face such adversity?
The simple answer is that just as the Muslims at the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) were a reflection of the people of Prophet Moses (as), as described in the Holy Qur’an in Chapter 62, then so will the people of the Messiah of the latter days be a reflection of the people of Prophet Jesus (as). 
And as you know well the early Christians suffered great hardships at the hands of Romans and Jews in their first few hundred years.
I don't need to go into the many comparisons now as these comparisons can be explained in better detail in the forums being held later today.
What I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that the persecution facing us is real and personal to all of us.
Even the situation for our Jama’at in Indonesia has become quite dire. Earlier this year you saw on YouTube our Indonesian Khuddam brothers being savagely beaten to death by a baying crowd of people. 
More recently an Ahmadi Muslim was arrested in Indonesia for essentially getting beaten up by ‘ghair-ahmadis’. 
Can you imagine this? You are the victim of assault yet you are the one that gets given the prison sentence!
I am certain that a good number of people present here have been personally affected by the tragic events in Lahore last year and through other similar tragic events. 
Those that haven’t, I’m sure have still faced some sort of abuse, not for the colour of your skin nor for any other physical appearance, not for your social background nor for your upbringing but simply for your belief that the Promised Messiah has come, that he was a servant of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and that he himself was a Prophet of God that exclaimed ‘laillaha ilala muhamdurusullah’ 
I would like to call up to the stage some special individuals to briefly relay their story:
Lutfu Ur Rahman:
He faced persecution initially when he gained admission into the prestigious National Textile University in Faisalabad. Mullahs would congregate and urge other students to boycott him, this became widespread and led to a lot of students shunning him. He was a gifted student but due to jealousy he was attacked by a mob of 50 non-Ahmadis intent on killing him.
Some professors at his University attempted to give him lower marks due to his affiliation to his faith and the Jama’at but despite this he graduated with a gold medal.
When he started work he was promoted to a senior position but attempts were still made on his life, he was shot at a number of times. He had to travel with an armed guard at all times and despite achieving great success in his career at a young age he wasn’t safe.
He was in the Nur-Mosque in Lahore when he witnessed a number of his friends getting shot and blown up, becoming martyrs for Islam. 
Inam Tahir:
The son of a Regional Ameer in Pakistan. The mullahs discovered his father’s Jama’at position and urged a social boycott by neighbours.
His father was constructing a house near the family’s place of residence, but the mullahs believed the house was to be used as a mosque. They attacked this newly constructed house and demolished it.
The mob proceeded to the family’s place of residence and attacked Inam Sahib’s father’s business, they looted and vandalised it at will while Inam Sahib, his father and his younger brother were offered shelter by a neighbour
Eventually the police cordoned off the area and escorted them to a so called “safe” station a few miles away.
While they were with the police, the mullahs started announcing from the mosques that the local people should find and terminate all members of Inam Sahib’s family and that any property looted would be blessed as the justified spoils of war.
While in custody, instead of being protected, the police arrested them under the crime of “acting like a Muslim” they were split up and jailed in Sahiwal jail, one of the toughest prisons in Pakistan and had to live in the most filthiest conditions with no respect for their safety.
All of this happened when Inam Sahib was 24, his brother (19) and his father (62)
Roman Tabussum:
He was an established lawyer with a good income and family life in Lahore.
His father, who is also a lawyer, was regularly attacked by mobs and his car fired upon many times
Roman Sahib was in Darul-zikr mosque during the Lahore attacks and was shot in the leg as he stood guard at the front gates. 
When the ambulance took him, afterwards he started receiving death threats while in hospital.
After he moved to England, mullahs would call his house in Pakistan under different guises trying to track him down.
He has lived under oppression most of his life and knows that in Pakistan, Ahmadis have no rights whatsoever and have to be better than the rest just to get a basic start in life.
Shazaib Ahmed:
He gained entry to the prestigious Aitcheson college in Lahore when he was 13 years old.
He never suffered direct persecution, as most people at his school were well educated.
He was in Darul-zikr mosque on 28th May last year where he witnessed his father get shot and afterwards saw him to the ambulance believing that his father would not survive. 
Even though he thought his father had passed away, he still went and offered his Zuhr prayers that had been missed due to the attacks.
Despite his grief he stood in complete silence with his father’s belongings until a local office bearer found him and took him home.
Alhamdulillah his father survived and now the family lives in the UK, Shazaib, now 14, has just successfully gained admission to a grammar school.
By looking at them they are no different to any of us. They could be your brothers, they could be your sons yet these are extraordinary people that have been in extraordinary situations.
Yet the courage displayed by these individuals is no less courageous than which any of you would display. 
You, who have heard and accepted the teachings of Hazrat Masih-e-Maud (as), the Promised Messiah, would do whatever it takes to safeguard the Khalifa and the Jama’at with passion, with honesty and with dignity.
There are well-funded organisations hell bent on destroying us; there are a handful of cowards in the Jama’at secretly trying their best to sow the seeds of mischief and hatred from within. 
There is so much time, money and manpower dedicated to our ruin. Yet how is it that we are becoming stronger? How is it that we are growing in numbers? How can it be possible that we are so united under one Khalifa? Again, the simple answer is that we are with Allah and Allah is with us. 
We, a volunteer Muslim organisation, are unique amongst the different sects in Islam. 
We are able to host the largest Muslim gatherings on the continent; we are able to raise, every year, hundreds of thousands of pounds to help our fellow man from debilitating diseases and to help those in extreme poverty; we raise thousands of units of blood to save tens of thousands of lives; we involve ourselves with our local communities to help care for hospitalised children and forgotten elderly. 
Yet our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. 
We get beaten down yet we stand up. We get abused for our belief yet we stand up. Our families and friends pay the ultimate price and are recalled back to their beloved Master, God Almighty, yet we still stand up tall. 
We are all extraordinary people because we have a message to relay, a cause to defend and even though we know that it will not be easy, yet we still will. 
God places the heaviest burden on those that can carry its weight. There is a heavy burden on Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK for the continued reformation of its youth, your younger brothers, your children.
And though we are extremely fortunate to have Huzoor (atba) in residence in the UK we must prove to ourselves that we are not reliant on our beloved Huzoor (atba) for our success but on God Almighty alone. 
We must worship Allah in the best way possible, to continue to beg for His forgiveness and His help so that He continues to show us His mercy. 
The abuses that our brothers in Pakistan and Indonesia face are on the verge of moving to UK shores. The internet is already rampant with hatred against Huzoor (atba) and our nizam. 
The question I have to ask is what are you going to do about it? 
Now is the time for you to decide what action you are going to take, and I'm not talking about revenge action. That was not the style of the Khatamun Nabiyyeen, the Holy Prophet (saw) nor was it the style of the Khatamul Khulafa, the Promised Messiah (as) because true Muslims do not stoop to such base levels. 
The very least you can do is to unite behind the Jama’at; ignore idle gossip; understand why you are an Ahmadi; get involved with the Jama’at’s projects and add your valuable advice and suggestions, get involved in writing for the defence of Islam Ahmadiyyat with Majlis Sultanul Qalam and internet forums like The Art of Misinformation; do all this so that the impending victory of Islam Ahmadiyyat takes place in your life time, insha’Allah.
I pray that you all thoroughly enjoy the rest of the Ijtema. It has been setup for you and you should ensure that you do not leave until you have learnt something positive from it. We still have a busy programme ahead of us and I look forward to meeting you in person over today and tomorrow. 
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu.
Fahim Anwer
Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK