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Grenfell Tower Fire

Kensington, UK | June 14, 2017 to June 14, 2017

On Wednesday the 14th June, a devastating fire raged through grenfell tower in West London. The tragic loss of life and devastation left the whole country in shock and grief.

As soon as the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association heard about the fire they began mobilising their youth members. Their disaster releif effort began at 6am in the morning and lasted till midnight on the the first day of the tragedy, and continued on for 3 days following the tragedy.

Over the 3 days in total over 100 Youth members were deployed on-site and also off-site helping with various tasks such as initial assessments, visiting relief centres, requirements gathering, purchasing supplies/equipment, arranging volunteers, cooking food, logistics and volunteering at centres.

Their main area of operation of Westway Sports Centre, but they also assisted in various other locations such as Notting Hill Methodist Church, St Francis Church and others.

Supplies that were arranged included:

4000 water bottles

100 nappies

109 toothpaste

200 tooth brushes

250 baby wipes

100 sanitary towels

50 mobile phone chargers

Also on the first day food was prepared for 500 to 600 people and distributed at 2 centres and on the third day food was fed to over 100 people

A fundraising appeal has also been set up to raise money to support those impacted: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/grenfellappeal raised over £30,000 for the victims

As a follow-up, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association prepared around 500 gift packs to be distributed as Eid gifts on Sunday, 25 June. The gift packs included an Eid card which had the message “Eid Mubarak” written in most of the languages relevant to residents in that area.

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