Isha’at Resources

Isha’at Resources

These templates are provided to assist Qiadats with their Ijtema promotion efforts. They are optional and you may design your own poster from scratch. If you do wish to use the below, please select only one template for your Ijtema and use that wherever appropriate.

Original PSDs are also supplied so if you wish to customise the design, you may do so using Adobe Photoshop (a license MUST be purchased to use Photoshop after the trial period). However, there are also free alternatives such as GIMP or Photopea that will allow you to amend this file.

Amendments should be made with due consideration of the design. For example, no logos are to be removed nor should be obscured, all text on the page should remain legible and with high contrast, there should be no skewing of images etc.

For any further clarification or assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]

Download Resources for 2022-2023

National Ijtema 2023 Branding Assets