Over £1 million Raised by British Muslims

Mercy4Mankind Annual Reception at Islamabad, Tilford – 29 November 2019

The humanitarian efforts of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association have deep roots in the Islamic tradition of loyalty to one’s nation. AMYA UK can trace its charity fundraising back to 1985 when a 26-mile charity walk took place which made headlines across the country. There were only a handful of participants at the time. AMYA UK has continued such efforts ever since, growing each year and expanding its fundraising operations. It was recently when the Mercy4Mankind initiative was launched endeavoring to promote, as well as practice, the teachings of the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammadpbuh in relation to humanitarian charity efforts.

This year Islamabad (Tilford) hosted the 2019 Mercy4Mankind Charity Challenge Annual Dinner on 29 November 2019. Representatives from over 17 charities including Humanity First, Red Cross, Cancer Research and Barnardos gathered in the Masroor Hall adjacent to the Mubarak Mosque along with over 100 individuals from charity, social-work or political backgrounds in commemoration of AMYA UK’s efforts over the previous year.

The chairman of the Charity Challenge and Vice President of AMYA UK, Usman Ahmad, in his welcoming words said:

“During this year alone we raised funds for the Poppy Appeal; supported Cancer Research UK for their Race for life campaign; organised a national Football4Peace event for UNICEF and SoccerAid; raised funds for a technical college in Ivory Coast along with funds for water pumps, eye operations, an eye clinic and schools; held a fundraising telethon, a fun fair in London, a 24-hour football fundraiser, a charity challenge run in Cardiff and Glasgow; organised a run, walk, cycle and canoe race in Sheffield and a similar event in Windsor.”

The evening consisted of a tour of the newly built headquarters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, brief words by charity representatives, cheque presentations to various British charities and a dinner.

The Charity Challenge takes place each year alongside other fundraisers. Members of AMYA UK participate by cycling, running, hiking and walking. Thousands of members, some as young as 7, have so far taken part and raised millions. The wider Mercy4Mankind program has seen, during this year alone, over £1million raised for charities; over 15,000 food parcels distributed to the homeless; 4000 individuals visited in care homes and hospitals; 10 tonnes of food donated to charities and 37500 trees planted – along with many other charitable works.

What makes the Mercy4Mankind initiative unique is that it’s not the type of charity organization you work for, rather it’s designed to be a way of life. Membership of AMYA begins at the age of 7 and lasts till 40 – that’s 33 years of potential engagement in charity and humanitarian efforts all at the call of the prophet of Islam – Muhammadpbuh, the Mercy for Mankind – who constantly inculcated the habit of charity in Muslims.