Charity Mushaira Sheffield

Charity Mushaira Sheffield

MKA Sheffield held its first ever Poetic Symposium (Mushaira) on 2nd of May 2017 to raise money for Humanity First and Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice Charity. Mubarak Sidiqui sahib, a famous

Jamaat poet from London was the chief guest. Apart from local poets we were honoured to have poets from Pakistan, London, Bradford, Leicester, Manchester and Doncaster. Over 100 members of the Jam’at gathered at Baitul Affiyat mosque Sheffield to raise money for the above-mentioned charities under MKA’s Mercy4Mankind banner.

The evening started with the poetry of Mubarak Siddiqui sahib followed by guest poets and then local poets. The sensational poetry was full of emotions and laughter, thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. The importance of donating money to charities was reminded by Mubarak sb time and time again, which was a great source of motivation for everyone.

The evening was further enlightened by the beautiful voice of Muhammad Ishaaq sb who normally recites poems at Jalsa Salana. “Mairy Ladly”, a poem of Mubarak Sidiqui sahib recited by him was audience favourite. This memorable Mushaira lasted for more than 2 hours and the guest audience on the day were able to raise £750. With the contribution of local Khuddam, Alhamdullilah we were able to raise more than £1300.

The members of the Jamaat attended the Mushaira from SpenValley, London, Bradford, Leicester,Manchester and Doncaster. A small friendly session was held in the end in which the audience was requested to share poetry, a joke or any motivational story. All members of the Jama’at actively
participated. As a token of gift, poetry book of Mubarik Siddiqui sahib was presented to members who came on stage and shared their thoughts with the audience.

MKA Sheffield than presented gifts to the guests which were handed over by Sadr sahib Sheffield on Qaid Majlis request. The evening concluded with Dua followed by dinner for all attendees.

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