What is AKHI?

  • A new internship scheme by MKA UK allowing Khuddam to get a taster of the work in the Majlis across various departments and develop soft skills alongside industrial experience.
  • The Arabic word “Akhi” translates to brother, meaning that you will be looked after like a brother where people would be prioritising your best interest without any other worldly agenda. 
  • All the information on internships by MKA UK should be on this page but for any further information feel free to contact us via [email protected]


Typical Timeline

  1. Check Roles – keep an eye on this web page to see the latest available roles and contact us to discuss suitable roles. Roles are posted by the various departments within MKA UK. 
  2. Apply – fill out the application form (see link below) to submit your details (subject our Privacy Policy). You should get an acknowledgment email with a reference which you can use when you get in touch with us. 
  3. Interview – after reviewing your application the relevant department will be in touch with you directly in the form of an arranged meeting via a call or MS Teams. This is not an assessment but will help us understand  what you seek from this internship.  After this you would be on-boarded and allocated a mentor who will be your point of contact during the internship. 
  4. Training – this part is the internship which will be ran by the relevant department who posted the role you applied for. The director of the department will appoint a mentor who will look after you. The duration of the internship and activities involved should be in the role description.
  5. Evaluation – before you can complete the internship, an evaluation as part of the exit process will take place. This would consist of a meeting with your mentor and director and possibly a survey. The feedback we get will help us assess our performance so that we can deliver a high quality service.
  6. Completion – at this stage you will have a few options:
    1. get your certificate and go your way
    2. if you prefer to serve in your region for the same role, we can help you get on-boarded
    3. if offered, you can further develop yourself and serve in a National Team
  7. Certification – check here a sample certificate which you can receive after completing the internship. The internship in accredited by ELA Adult Learning in association with Strode College.


Are you eligible?

  • You must be a Khadim based in the UK
  • You should have a laptop, an email account & access to internet
  • You should be availability during the internship period of the role (see role description)


What can you expect as an Intern?

  • Develop real transferable skills which are not easily picked up during your academic studies
  • Get a taster of a profession you want to learn about before making any career decisions
  • Understand more about Jamaat work and how spirituality plays a big part
  • Get an accredited qualification if you complete the internship successfully  


Available Roles

 PMO Associate Project Manager (WEA)

  Sports Event Coordinator (SEJ)


Are you ready?



INTERNAL ONLY: Click here for Department Role Registration