Peace Conference Manchester

A peace conference was organised in Darul Aman mosque on 26th May 2017 in which 35 guests participated. This event was held 2 days after the horrific attack in Manchester Arena. Guests included:
Peter Cornor (Salford City Council MAYOR)
Eddy Newman (Lord Mayor of Manchester)
Tim Farron (Member Of Parliment of U.K)
Sikh Community
Members from Interfaith Group.

All the Guest were pleased to visit the mosque and stood together after the attack. All the communities in Manchester stood united in condemning the terrorist activity. They all expressed condolence and solidarity to the victims and their families.
At the End our Murabi Silsila Khursheed Ahmad Sahib said “The Holy Quran says whosoever kills the innocent kills the whole humanity.” At the end silent prayer for the victims was held and guests participated in their way.