AMSA- A return to action

The Amoor-e-Tuluba Department are proud to announce the return of in-person AMSA (Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association) events. For the first time in nearly two years, students across the country are connecting with Khuddam brothers at University, through localised events such as regular weekly Juma prayers, visits to the university F1 simulator, and the classic dinner out. The AMSA football tournament was the first national event this year, taking place in Stockwell on the 13th of November, with students attending from London universities to Portsmouth and even a Khadim from Manhattan (this now qualifies as an international tournment…)

InshAllah this will become a monthly feature in the AMSA calendar alongside several new initiatives to inspire our university students to be the flag-bearers of Islam’s new ‘Golden Age’ of Academia, and to be, as Huzoor Aqdas has stressed on a number of ocassions, at the very top of our fields in research, attainment and discovery.

To connect with your university’s AMSA, please follow the link . This will also help us discover students to set up new AMSA’s.

Universities such as UCL (pictured) have excellent and eye-opening facilities- use them for your AMSA events!