AMSA retreat

The Annual AMSA Retreat is Back!

AMSA’s most hyped event of the year is back with a special two day residential retreat at Jamia Ahmadiyya UK!

Join us on Friday 12th and 13th of April for two days of workshops, talks and sports! In light of recent events, we will be teaching you how to do tabligh at university, the strongest arguments in support of Islam Ahmadiyyat and how to refute common allegations.

Our retreat this year will include Jumu’ah behind Beloved Huzoor (aba), AMSA sports, a bonfire talk featuring Rational Religion, my journey to Ahmadiyyat talk and much more.

Those who attended last year said:

“Excellent event – I feel a bit sorry for fellow students who missed out”!
“Very nice event. Enjoyed it very much and hope to come next year. Lots of great speakers and food was fantastic”
“Exciting meeting fellow Khuddam brothers and being able to relate about university jobs and life”

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to come together with your brothers from all across the country and gain both spiritual and physical benefit.

(contact the national AMSA team for more details on [email protected])