Mitcham Park Local Ijtema – JAN 2024

By the grace and blessings of Allah, Mitcham Park successfully held its local Ijtema for 2024 on January 14th, separate from the Sports Day which took place at Selsdon football ground on January 7th.

The Sports Day commenced at noon, featuring football matches between three teams in an all vs all, followed by sprint races. The Atfal engaged in football, sprints, and dodgeball. Snacks were available throughout the event.

On the main day of the Ijtema, activities commenced with registration and a continuous serving of breakfast. The opening ceremony, overseen by Naib Sadr MKA UK, Atif Khalil sb, included Tilawat, the Pledge, Nazm, an inaugural speech by the local Qaid, and a keynote address by Naib Sadr sb on the theme of the year: Muhammad SA, the perfect preacher.

Following the opening session, the academic sessions for both Khuddam and Atfal featured Tilawat, Nazm, Adhan, and both prepared and extempore speeches.

A break for Zuhr and Asr Namaz as well as lunch was then observed.

Post-lunch, attendees engaged in various sports and interactive activities, including a game of Chinese whispers, a Kahoot quiz for the Atfal, and both indoor and outdoor sports. A unique bottle flip challenge was also held, rewarding successful attempts with a gulab jamun.

The sports activities encompassed arm wrestling, kalaii pukarna, and dodgeball.

After a pause for the Maghrib prayer, the event moved to its concluding session, chaired by Respected Sadr sahib MKA UK, Abdul Quddus Arif sahib, himself. This session began with Tilawat, followed by the Khuddam pledge, Nazm and the awards ceremony, culminating in an engaging discussion with Sadr sb on the year’s theme, and concluded with silent prayer.

Alhamdulillah, the ijtema attendance was 81% Khuddam and 91% Atfal.