KCL South Indoor 2024 – Final Report

In the name of Allah the gracious, the merciful

All praise belongs to Allah. Alhamdolillah, we have come to the conclusion of the 2024 KCL indoor season.

The season began with a successful draft day amongst all 8 participating franchisees, in which all sides were given the opportunity to pick their squads and to shape their upcoming season ahead.

The KCL 2024 Indoor tournament provided an opportunity for all franchises to enable all of their squad members to come together, enjoy each other’s company, bond as a team whilst also allowing the franchises to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their teams.

The format of the indoor tournament was a group stage round robin, as all teams played each other once in an 8 over a side competition at Tolworth Recreation Centre.

The group stage concluded with the top 4 teams advancing into the next round, where the top side Truthful Warrior’s faced the 4th ranked side; Radiant stars. The Merciful Conquerors and the Mighty Strikers faced off in the simultaneous semi final as the 2nd and 3rd ranked sides.

Both Semi finals were followed by the congregational Zuhr and ASR prayers, and then the Grande Finale between the two victorious sides: Truthful Warriors taking on the Merciful Conquerers. After a well contested final, the Merciful Conquerors came out on top as the victors and champions of the 2024 KCL Indoor competition.

The KCL committee also recognised the importance of playing cricket in the best spirit of sportsmanship and rewarding those who displayed the highest standard of discipline and etiquettes befitting of a league that’s sole purpose is to unite all members and build camaraderie, respect for the game, opposition, umpires and management. For this purpose, the 2024 KCL committee introduced the FairPlay award, which was attained by the Radiant Stars under the leadership of Salman Jajja Sahib.

On behalf of the KCL committee, we would like to congratulate the captain of Merciful Conquerors (Faizan Warraich Sahib) and their entire team As the 2024 champions of the KCL Indoor. Hard luck and commiserations to the Truthful Warriors runners up of this year’s competition, and also all participating teams. We hope that the momentum gained in the competition this year can also be taken into the highly anticipated outdoor season which is just around the corner.