MKA Guildford – Food Donation to Homeless Shelter Nov 2023


Dear brothers,

Alhamdolilah, MKA Guildford qaidat had the humble opportunity to donate food to homeless shelter yesterday.

Alhamdolillah, local amla and khuddam members donated for this purpose and also helped to do grocery.

Here is a list of items which were donated:
UHT Milk, Rice Pudding, Custard, Cereals and Porridge, Spreads, Hot and Cold Drinks, Soup, Spag loops, Bakes Beans, Ketchup, Noodles, Salt, Sugar, Micrable Rice, Biscuits

By the Grace of Allah the Almighty, we made a contact with them in regards to present Jama’at and MKA UK. InshAllah we will do these donations on a regular basis.

Safeer Ahmed
Serving as Nazim Khidmat e Khalaq Guildford