British Muslims to #PrayForHeroes Just Days Before Ramadan

  • Muslims pray for British Heroes on Thursday 16th April
  • Nationwide prayer just days before Ramadan starts
  • Muslim Volunteers support 2,698 British families, 43 charities and councils and 600 NHS Staff
  • Imams are running online classes, viral videos, workouts and quizzes are being held nationwide for youth in lockdown free of cost

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA), the UK’s largest Muslim youth group, will this Thursday celebrate and pray for the Covid-19 heroes.

As billions of Muslims worldwide prepare for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, more than 6,000 young British Muslims will take a moment of pause this Thursday to pray for and show their gratitude to the NHS, fire brigade, police, council and voluntary workers on the front line against COVID-19.

The young Muslims hope that the public at large will join them at 7pm this Thursday by putting their hands together to pray and share messages of support using the hashtag #PrayForHeroes.

Over the past month, AMYA has been supporting those on the front line and vulnerable members of the public through a number of campaigns, including:

  • Assisting 600 NHS staff with food packages and PPE supplies
  • Supplying 2,698 households with food parcels and medicine
  • Established 25 foodbanks across the UK

Overseeing the relief efforts is Dr. Anas Rana, who said:

‘‘In addition to helping thousands of households, AMYA has had the opportunity to now support 20 local councils, 23 charities and numerous food banks in addition to the ones we run.

‘‘To streamline the help we can offer, we set up a hotline and email for those in need of help to reach us directly, which are: 0333 880 6619 or [email protected].’’

Imam Abdul Quddus Arif, National AMYA President said:

‘‘In these tough times, many may feel insecure and afraid, but our message to fellow Brits is one of solidarity, unity and security; our message is that we are there for you and if you need us, you need only call and we will respond.

‘‘As Muslims, love for our nation is a part of our faith and we also believe that being grateful is a duty upon all Muslims.’’

AMYA Notes to Editor (Charity No. 1135657)

AMYA has been working hard across various campaigns during 2019-2020. Through their efforts, they have donated 7,700KG of food and 4,100KG of clothes, made 4,000 welfare visits, donated 750 units of blood, planted 37,000 trees and much more alongside holding charity runs known as the Charity Challenge to raise more than a million pounds for British charities.
During the Coronavirus Pandemic, AMYA has helped 2,698 households, 23 charities and food banks, 20 local councils and 600 NHS staff. AMYA is also holding regular classes and hosting online content reaching the masses.

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