Exploring the Universe’s Perfection & AI’s Impact | AMRA Conference 2024

07 February 2024

The 13th Annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Research Association UK (AMRA) Conference convened on January 13, 2024, at Baitul Futuh in London. Attended by Ahmadi researchers from across the UK, the conference served as a unique forum for knowledge exchange and collaboration. This year’s theme, ‘The Universe in Perfect Balance’, explored the symmetry, order, and perfection of Allah’s Creation.

Over 120 delegates, hailing from locations as distant as Glasgow, Middlesborough, and Huddersfield, gathered to participate in the event. The conference featured parallel sessions covering diverse topics in the humanities and science and technology. Presentations included discussions on rehabilitation versus surgical reconstruction in medical research, entropy in manufacturing processes, and the risk of cognitive frailty in non-religious populations, among others.

A keynote session highlighted Dr. Bilal Tahir’s pioneering field study retracing the Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) footsteps in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Tahir shared research and exclusive film footage of his journey to mountains summiting in the Hijaz region, shedding light on the spiritual benefits and challenges associated with these ascents.

A panel discussion on ‘The Universe in Perfect Balance’ delved into the order and perfection of Creation since the Big Bang. The conference also explored contemporary topics, such as the growing presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with Dr. Abdur Rauf Khan, Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Denmark, outlining potential research avenues utilizing AI.

The event offered networking opportunities, poster sessions, and external exhibitions, fostering collaboration and inspiration among attendees. Researchers left the venue enthused, having forged new connections and potentially charted new directions for research. The success of this year’s conference sets the stage for future gatherings, eagerly anticipated by all participants.

Insha’Allah, the AMRA Conference will continue to serve as a vital platform for Ahmadi researchers to advance knowledge and understanding in diverse fields, contributing to the betterment of society and the promotion of harmony and enlightenment.

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