Jalsa Salana 2019 Wind Up

13 khuddam went to Hadeeqatul-Mahdi to wind up Jalsa Salana.
Individually they reported to the wind up office. They did their assigned tasks including litter pick-up and assembling bunches of wood pieces, steel pieces and fencing which included  both plastic and steel pieces.
They had a break at 1pm for lunch and namaz. After which, they had tea. Finally, they finished their work by 4 pm.
8 khuddam went to Islamabad to do another Waqar-e-Amal immediately following the wind up of Hadeeqatul-Mahdi.
In Islamabad, khuddam took chairs, tables and kitchen items back to their places from the 3 marquees. They transported carpets and chairs to a shed near Mubarak Mosque. Also, fans were transported to Tabsheer marquee.
Our hard work is much appreciated by MKA Saddar Sahib and Mirza Waqas Ahmed Sahib.