MAA Hayes East – Virtual Rally 2022

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم


Majlis Atfal-ul-Ahmadiyya (MAA) Hayes East held their Virtual Rally on Sunday, 9th January 2022. 

The Virtual Rally was attended by 9 atfal (Dianat: 3, Sadaqat: 4, Shuja’at:2) from a total of 14, representing a 65% attendance. Alhamdulillah, all attendees took part in at least one academic competition that was held at the Virtual Rally.

Preparation of the Virtual Rally

  • Preparations began over 4 weeks ago with a committee meeting where the date of the Virtual Rally was finalized.
  • I requested all members to send a letter to Huzoor (ATBA) asking for prayers for the success of the event.
  • The red book points from 2020/21 and earlier were discussed and included in the planning to accommodate the recommendations for this year’s Virtual Rally.
  • In the first phase, essential documents were prepared i.e. General planning of Virtual Rally, program of Virtual Rally, and details of academic competitions.
  • Several planning meetings were held for the duration of the planning stage, one every week for 4 weeks.
  • Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and increasing number of cases, the committee felt it would be best for the safety of everyone to have a Virtual Rally. May Allah improve the situation which may allow us to keep an in-person next year, Inshallah.

Attendance Campaign

  • All atfal brothers were informed 3 weeks prior about the Virtual Rally through Phone calls and WhatsApp messages.
  • Details of academic competitions were distributed in all groups.
  • A poster was designed and distributed about the Virtual Rally.

Session Details

  • Qaid MKA Hayes East chaired the opening session. The Virtual Rally began at 09:30 am, with recitation and translation of the Holy Quran followed by the Atfal pledge and an introduction by Qaid MKA Hayes East and concluded by silent prayers led by Respected Murrabi Sb
  • The opening session for was followed by the academic competitions which consisted of Tilawat, Nazm, Azaan, English Speech, and Salat Test for all age groups. This session was chaired by Respected Murrabi Sb.
  • The Virtual Rally was concluded by the closing session which was chaired by National Aftal Tarbiyyat Secretary UK. The session started with the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran followed by the Aftal pledge. After the pledge, the Talqeen-e-amal session was delivered by respected Murrabi Sb.
  • Next, Qaid MKA Hayes East presented the report on the Virtual Rally which was followed by announcing the competition winners.
  • The closing session was concluded by silent prayers led by respected Sadr Sb.  


Finally, I would like to say Jazakallah to all of those that made this Virtual Rally possible, especially to all of you who attended, our esteemed guest and panel of judges. Moreover, I would like to request for prayers for all the committee members, that Allah may bless them for their hard work and efforts to make this Virtual Rally a success. Ameen.