MKA Birmingham West and Dudley hold their weekly Khuddam Night

This Week’s Khuddam night aimed at fostering religious connections among the youth, Khuddam gathered to play PlayStation 5 (fifa tournament) and various other games. The unconventional gathering sought to combine the modern interests of the youth with an opportunity for spiritual reflection and discussion.

Participants engaged in friendly gaming competitions, alternating between sessions of gameplay and moments for group discussions about their faith. Khuddam nights encourage open conversations about Islamic values.

The event successfully blended entertainment with spiritual reflection, providing a platform for the youth to bond over shared interests while exploring the teachings of Islam. Attendees expressed appreciation for the innovative approach, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that resonate with the diverse interests of Khuddam in today’s digital age. The event also included a book reading session where khuddam read the MKA book of the year, Sirrul Khilafah.