MAA Tahir Region Ijtema 2022

بسم اللہ الرحمٰن الرحیم




Preparation of the ijtema

· Preparations began over 4 weeks ago with a committee meeting where the date and location of the ijtema were finalized.

· I requested all members to send a letter to Huzoor asking for prayers for the success of the event

· At the first phase, essential documents were prepared i.e. General planning of ijtema, program of ijtema, details of academic and sports competitions.

· In initial meetings, muntazimeens were appointed for all their respective departments and the responsibilities were outlined.

Attendance campaign

· All atfal brothers were informed 4 weeks prior about the ijtema through Phone calls/house visits/ WhatsApp message

· Details of academic and sports competition were distributed in all groups.

· A poster was designed and distributed about the ijtema.

Preparation of site

· Set up began today at 9.15

· The opening session was chaired by Tariq Hayat sb and Farhad Ahmed sb. The ijtema began at 10.20, with recitation of the holy Quran followed by the pledge and nazm and an inspirational, faith inspiring address by Farhad sb on the topic for this years ijtema, honoring our pledge.

· We began with Academics followed by Namaz and lunch, after which the sports session began. Sports included football, indoor cricket and running races, which the atfal seemed to really enjoy


· Alhamdulillah the attendance of the ijtema was 70 atfal, and 3 guests

· Finally, jazakallah to all of those that made this ijtema possible, especially to all of you who attended and i’d like to request for prayers for all the committee members, that Allah may bless them for their continuous hard work and efforts to make this ijtema a success.




Bilal Daar

Regional Nazim Atfal